Supermodel Du Juan, who recently appeared at the airport and set off for Milan Fashion Week, her minimalist outfit was bright.

White mid-length coat, black slacks, white shoes, brown shoulder bag, although simple, still full of aura, and it can be seen that she is plain Oh, even plain appearance has its own fairy aura, convinced!

Some netizens praised the cuckoo: It is worthy of being a supermodel! The cuckoo in life is also like this, the dress is very simple, and it is also very worthy of reference, Lei Mo found some for everyone~

1. All-black look with cool temperament, walking on the street, strong aura

2. White cardigan + blue shirt + gray jeans, fairy style

3, black mid-length personality dress + black striped socks + small black shoes, how to get a cool word

4. White T-shirt + blue shirt + navy blue long sweater + jeans, casual and warm

5. Striped T-shirt + ripped casual jeans, simple and fresh

6. Green long dress + short denim jacket, fresh and handsome

7. White jumper + navy black jeans, simple but not simple

8. Ultra-short black leather jacket + single-striped black slacks, raise the body line

9. Short leather jacket + red and black diagonal stripe skirt + black T-shirt, cool

10. Lilac pullover sweater + lilac silk skirt, gentle and noble

In addition, about minimalist dressing, Lei Mo also wants to send you more than 10 sets of references, these outfits are suitable for early spring, there are black and white inside, want to wear simple girls, skills get up~