This is a retro and literary family of three, not only the leisure, laziness and idyllic of the American countryside, but also the spirit and playfulness of contemporary art, the whole wood customization ensures the practicality and environmental protection of the materials, open and efficient space, giving the family a home with high-quality companionship.

Housing information

Project Address:

Qingshan District, Wuhan

House structure:

3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 kitchen, 2 bathrooms


140㎡ Area: 112㎡

Design Style:

American countryside

Renovation costs:



Wuhan cloud tip design

About the host

The owner of the house, Xiaoya, a post-80s career-oriented mother, is an executive of a listed company, because the child is at a hyperactive age, this time the new house is to give the child a more spacious space for activities. Because I like the American country-style decoration of my neighbor’s house, I can’t wait to copy one home, so I found the Yunjian design team on the recommendation of a friend and decorated her new home.

Room type map


This is a relatively neutral three-bedroom house, two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, dining room kitchens with little independent space, the original apartment type is decent, no success.


The designers made three key transformations:

Open the kitchen and integrate the kitchen

, knock off the pillar on the side of the balcony, and the countertop extends a corner viewing bar, where you can enjoy the first-line lake view;

The master bedroom extends into a walk-in closet

, cleverly use the main bathroom outside the aisle space to make two wardrobes, stand in the aisle, make full use of the living room background wall, and make a whole storage wall;

◑ There is also a second bedroom for parents to live temporarily, and a laundry area is opened up on the balcony.

Living room

Casual, rustic, literary and artistic style

The kitchen is integrated and the space is open, and the view from the living room is spacious and bright. The designer used light brown oak grain as the base tone of American country style, from the whole wood custom cabinet on the TV background wall to the finished furniture, the texture of wood creates a natural rustic, casual and rugged resort style.

In order to ensure the environmental protection of the materials, the customized cabinet body adopts baby rabbit paint-free ecological board made by woodworking on site, and the surface is pasted with solid wood panels, and the door panel is solid oak, which is painted by water-based paint on site to make it consistent with the color of the finished furniture. The TV background wall is a whole piece of custom fur, designers and workers work together on site to spell out the perfect effect little by little.

Xiaoya especially likes the overall effect of the large space in the living room and kitchen area at home, especially the background wall of the living room, and it is worth playing with the picture carefully. Two portraits of classicist figures on the wall, originally the two looked at each other, and the designer used a witty technique to blindfold the eyes of the woman on the right side with ginger paint, bringing a mysterious and hazy beauty.

Although the tone is set in American country style, after all, it is a young family of three, and the designer integrates contemporary art and aesthetics on the basis of retro, making the space less dull and more youthful and fashionable.

Xiaoya and Mr. Xiao are both passionate about music, and occasionally playing guitar in their free days, or playing music by the window and looking at the river view for a while, is the best rest.

Sofa background wall, in order to be visually more layered, the designer designed two wainscoting panels of the same color as the indoor wooden door on both sides of the sofa, and the dark wainscoting panel is decorated with golden wall lamps, vintage brass rocker lamps, plus decorative painting embellishments, which looks retro and literary. The camel sofa is selected from the Harbor house, which harmonizes with the color of the overall wood grain of the interior.

Designers and painters try out colors on site until the door panel of the TV cabinet is adjusted to their satisfaction.

The water-based paint that is light brown and does not hide the wood grain can present the best texture of the log and the unique style of the American countryside. Rattan storage baskets, leather vintage-style picture frames, golden hourglasses, and letter ornaments, it can be seen that the designer has carefully crafted each ornament to present the perfect condition.

The round wooden coffee table, the panel is a combination of metal and rivets, the delicate and the rough contradict and opposite, with rattan carpets and Japanese stoneware ware, every detail is really worth playing with.

Kitchen area

Freedom to open and listen to nature

The original kitchen only had a small space on the right side of the wooden beam, and the designer completely demolished the outer wall of the kitchen to form a whole with the dining room, not only allowing the cabinets to extend directly to the entire wall of the sideboard, but also extending the countertop by the sink to the floor-to-ceiling window to make an arc-shaped corner.

In order to disguise the beams, wrapped in veneer, the whole natural log stump was put on the roof to make a diagonal beam, which became a hanging point for the dining chandelier, and the natural and simple style came to the face.

When the hostess first went to visit the neighbor’s house, she was fascinated by the big kitchen of their house, and her own home did not hesitate to make it open, and in the past, cooking was always busy in the kitchen alone, and her husband and children were playing outside.

But now in such a pattern, Xiaoya cooks, her husband can help on the side, and the children can achieve it in the restaurant whether they are pinching colored clay or painting. If there are guests coming, they will also chat and help on the side, and cooking is no longer a one-person miserable task.

In order to prevent oil smoke, in addition to choosing a hood with increased power, an exhaust fan is arranged on the ceiling to achieve a more smoke exhaust effect.

Tired and bored, as long as you stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and overlook the green mountains and rivers, it is really the most healing thing.

Or make yourself a cup of freshly ground coffee and flip through magazines.

Eat some fruit and enjoy the baking results, the little day is too pleasant.

Master bedroom

Free up the “cloakroom” from the aisle

The master bedroom uses the thickness of the outer wall and load-bearing wall of the bathroom to make wardrobes on both sides of the aisle, forming a natural walk-in closet, which greatly increases the storage capacity of the master bedroom, and the circulation arrangement is also quite short and smooth.

The layout of the bedroom is simple and warm, haze blue and tropical jungle flowers and birds wallpaper color-blocking, wallpaper, wall cloth curtains, selected from home beauty soft decoration, bed, side chair from Youfan art, and some small pieces of furniture are purchased online.

On one side is the bedside table, with some bits and pieces in drawers and some picture frames; On the other side, a dressing table is arranged, and makeup is arranged in the morning and reading at night, which is a small world for the hostess.

Inner set of main guards

The colorful vintage bricks are eye-catching, and the black shower room and shower are suddenly modern and stylish, echoing the theme of the public area, and the American leisure is integrated with fashion and artistic elements. Washbasin cabinets, smart toilets, shower hardware, etc. are all purchased from Hengjie sanitary ware.

Children’s room

Childlike and childlike

The hostess said that the design of the children’s room is a little regrettable, in order to save the budget, finally abandoned the customized bunk and chose the finished furniture, fortunately, in the current design, the baby also likes it, there is a castle under the blue sky and white clouds, which is a fairy tale world we created for him.

Second guard

The other secondary bathroom is set up according to the children’s room, but occasionally also has to function as a guest bathroom, with different colors of square tiles of the same series as the main bathroom, and the wall is made of the most popular terrazzo wall tiles.

It is also specially equipped with an electric towel rack, usually the baby will warm the towel in advance when bathing, and the warm and dry bath towel can greatly enhance the sense of happiness.

Guest bedroom

The small room on the west side also reserved a room for parents to come occasionally, because they don’t come often, only left a 1.2-meter small bed, and at the same time it is also a study room, for the occasional office use of the man. The window of this room is also facing the river view, which is a clean place, and it is also good for the elderly to read books and newspapers here.

The balcony side outside the living room is used as a laundry area, Xiaoya specially bought a small washing machine for the baby, specially washing baby clothes more hygienic, wood grain bricks are used on the wall and wooden cabinets, just can be harmonious.

Having harvested such a satisfactory home, Xiaoya no longer has to envy “other people’s homes”, and future parties will “come to my house”!

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