Fishing is for fun and relaxation. There are some things to pay attention to, stay safe.

1。 First see if there is a wire above your head, there is a wire far away from here, get the wire and see God.

2。 On the shore of the reservoir, first look behind you, if the stone is safe, don’t roll down a piece.

3. See if the shore under your feet is safe and don’t collapse.

4. Pay attention to traffic safety, and pay attention to the safety of family members with families.

5. There are onlookers who pay attention to the safety of the onlookers behind them, and don’t hook people’s faces.

6. Don’t go fishing on thunderstorms, stab thunder. The above are all bloody lessons. Taiwanese fishing equipment is so versatile that a professional angler’s equipment can amaze recreational fishing enthusiasts. Let’s talk about the basic Taiwan fishing equipment one by one from the perspective of beginners. The basic crane equipment mainly includes: Taiwan fishing rods, line sets, buoys, brackets, nets, fish protection, fishing boxes (sitting boxes), bait basins, towels, umbrellas, hanging boxes (hook boxes), main line boxes, drift boxes, fish protection bags, rod bags and some small equipment.

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