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For women, different ages will meet different you. Forty-year-olds feel that thirty is not mature enough; Thirty-year-olds think twenty is too young. Every step counts as you take in life. In fact, every day, we are improving ourselves and changing ourselves.

Zhu Guangqian said: “All the beauty that takes time to precipitate is worth waiting for. “Today, let’s talk about it

A suitable pants match for a woman in her fifties and sixties


In simple terms, “acetate pants” refers to pant styles made of acetate fabric. There are many advantages of the material of acetate fabric,

The fabric has a strong sense of luster, smooth and delicate feeling, no sense of restraint when worn, and high comfort,

At the same time, the material drape is good, and it will not be easy to fold when worn, which is very suitable for middle-aged women who pursue elegance and maturity.

1. Black “acetate pants” are the least picky

It also belongs to the “acetate pants” style, and the color scheme chosen for acetate pants is different, and the style effect worn will be different. Among all the acetate pants, black acetate pants are the most classic and do not pick a figure. Black acetate pants have a stable color, belong to dark pants style, low color brightness, can visually play a good sense of contraction, and then the middle-aged woman’s figure can play a good effect of covering flesh and thinning.

2. White “acetate pants” look fashionable and foreign

White acetate pants are different from black acetate pants, the color is more refreshing, and middle-aged women can significantly reduce their age after wearing them. This white acetate pants, the loose pants naturally hang down, can play a good role in modifying the figure of middle-aged women, and it is not easy to expose the real figure. Wear it with a blue shirt, and the overall style is fashionable and very foreign.

3. Khaki “acetate pants” are more versatile and stable

For middle-aged women who pursue a mature and stable dressing style, we can choose khaki acetate pants. Acetate pants with khaki color scheme look softer, emphasizing the age sense of middle-aged women. Khaki acetate pants are also easy to match every day, and can be said to be the most versatile and stable pants choice.

4. Shirt + “acetate pants” wear

Shirts are a good partner for acetate pants, shirts can enhance the formality of acetate pants and help middle-aged women navigate more occasions. This light green shirt is neat and simple with white acetate pants, and the layered coat jacket on top of the light green shirt subtly enriches the layering of styles. The legs are paired with white acetate pants, and the style is consistent with the shirt, and the style is smart and formal without losing a little casual and casual.

Shirts are a good choice whether they are worn as an inner style or directly outer. This khaki shirt is elegant with white acetate pants, and the color brightness and saturation of the khaki shirt are moderate, which can well set off the natural texture of the facial skin of a middle-aged woman. The hem of the shirt is tucked into the waistband of the acetate pants, effectively outlining the waist line of the middle-aged woman, and the shape is neat and straight.

5. T-shirt + “acetate pants” outfit

The styling style of T-shirts and acetate pants is much more casual, and the comfort of wearing both is also very high, especially suitable for older women who pursue dressing comfort. This white T-shirt and white acetate pants are the same in color, but they belong to different materials, and they are high-class but not monotonous.

Although the style of acetate pants is mainly solid color, it is not limited. If you want to wear a middle-aged gorgeous feeling, we can choose this type of acetate pants with a printed pattern, which can create a rich dressing style for us. These beige acetate pants are designed with stripes and small polka dots on the pants, which are delicate and gorgeous with a bit of unique retro charm.

When we wear acetate pants style, we can not only wear them directly, but also layer them with acetate pants. This khaki dress is layered with white acetate pants, and although the exposed white acetate pants are not large, they can have a good visual brightening effect. This kind of outfit can not only modify the leg line of middle-aged women, but also add visual highlights to our outfit, and the overall is very attractive.

This autumn is a kind of pants, called “acetate pants”, comfortable and thin, fifty or sixty-year-old women wear beautifully