For women, how to maintain health may occupy about 50% of their lives, so the following will introduce you to a kind of women’s gospel, is it called fire? He is now a very famous Internet celebrity in the food industry, it is said to have a laxative effect, it also has a good effect on the maintenance of women’s skin, it can make women fight aging.

People who cook regularly should find that among the many cooking oils in the kitchen, hemp oil is the least likely to be oxidized and spoiled. The reason? It turns out that hemp contains a variety of natural antioxidants, and the source of vitamin E contained in it is comparable to the vitamin E capsules that women often eat. Not only that, hemp can also laxative calcium skin care weight loss, calling it the “Internet celebrity” in the food therapy industry, which is not an exaggeration.

Fire hemp

What is hemp?

hemp is also called marijuana, but hemp is divided into two types, one is drug marijuana, native to India and relatively short; One is industrial hemp, native to China, relatively tall, 3 or 4 meters tall, is a medicinal and edible plant. The hemp of Bama, the hometown of longevity, is the most famous, which can be made into hemp oil, hemp paste, hemp ecological tea, etc., and long-term intake of hemp is considered to be the key to the longevity of Bama people, CCTV has reported on this.

The role of hemp

1. Hemp antioxidant, women are not easy to age

To ask what women are most afraid of? Definitely aging. Human aging is mainly caused by active oxygen, and hemp has strong antioxidant, anti-aging effect. In women’s skin care and beauty, the antioxidant components of hemp can also promote the body’s utilization of vitamins A and C, protect the health of the skin, and reduce skin infections; Provide moisture for collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin, improve and maintain the elasticity of the skin; At the same time, it also promotes blood circulation in the skin, so that the skin receives sufficient nutrients and moisture to maintain the softness and luster of the skin.

Recommended food therapy: stir-fry sesame oil in soup, or take two scoops in the morning on an empty stomach.

Hemp seeds – hemp seeds

2. Fire hemp moisturizes the intestines and laxatives, and the constipation runs away

In women with habitual constipation, toxins trapped in the intestines for a long time damage the liver and rough the skin. Hemp can treat constipation, not only on the skin, but also in the body essentially moisturizes the skin. Natural vitamin E, also known as tocopherol, obviously also has a prolonging effect on women’s fertility and can retain women’s attractive puberty for a long time.

Recommended dietary therapy: drink a cup of hemp ecological tea every day to moisturize the intestines and laxative, prevent and treat constipation; Or drop a few drops of hemp oil into the emollient to emollient and anti-aging.

3. Hemp slimming and moisturizing, beauty and body beautification

Women who diet to lose weight also have dry and rough skin due to insufficient nutrient intake. And hemp contains substances that prevent the human body from gaining weight, yolk, choline, and muscle sugar, so hemp will not get fat if you eat too much, and it can also improve rough skin.

Recommended dietary therapy: hemp paste can be used as a diet meal replacement powder.

Hemp oil

4. Hemp can prevent the three highs

Elderly women often have to worry about the three highs, and hemp has the effect of preventing the three highs. Hemp ecological tea is rich in fatty acids, phytosterols, rutin, puerarin, soy flavonoids and other lipid-lowering and antihypertensive ingredients, can soften blood vessels, often eat hemp ecological tea, can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce arterial embolism,

Recommended dietary therapy: drinking hemp ecological tea has a better effect on reducing the three highs.

Fire hemp does have a lot of use methods, it is also very obvious to people’s body changes, for example, it can make our rough skin delicate, and it can also help people lose weight, it is also very good as a meal replacement for people’s nutritional supplements, the most important point is that it can prevent the appearance of three highs.