In addition to getting a little careful with scarves and hats, Christmas outfits can also be worn on socks. This issue reviews two Christmas couple socks gift boxes, which are cool and warm, and they are also a choice that is not easy to make mistakes in Christmas gifts.

Buying advice

In the two Christmas sock gift boxes, the banana has more attention to detail, and even the inside of the non-exposed sock is decorated with delicate jacquard, which is the quality choice.

One tree is better than the variety of patterns, more use of festive Christmas motifs, four pairs of socks are different styles, and gift boxes and paper bags are fully packaged, cost-effective.

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Pairing suggestions

These two Christmas stocking gift boxes, one long barrel and one medium tube, with classic Christmas elements, high appearance and strong practicality. In addition to having a sense of ritual during the festival, everyday wear can also bring different colors.

Buyer reviews

Men’s and women’s stocking gift box

This set of Christmas stockings gift box in banana is for male and female couples, made of Xinjiang long-staple cotton, which is delicate to the touch and has better warmth performance. Its exquisite embroidery, three-dimensional weaving process, and jacquard pattern decoration inside the sock cuff can reflect the delicate and careful production from the details, which is the quality choice of Christmas sock gift box.

The cuff is designed with wide ribbing, which has good elasticity and reduces the feeling of strangulation on the legs. The socks are lined with “Merry Christmas” jacquards, which can be folded over to reveal for a Christmas feel.

Santa’s large black socks are embellished with colorful miscellaneous threads, which will not be too monotonous. The highlight of these socks is that the left and right socks have Santa Claus and Gingerbread Man embroidery patterns respectively, and the stitching is smooth and delicate.

Christmas song socks are woven with three-dimensional texture, with colorful yarn, the visual effect is clearly layered, the overall color has a festive atmosphere, and can also be used as the finishing touch of daily wear.

The joint between the sock head and the sock body uses a boneless stitching process, compared with the ordinary stitching method, the joint is smoother and no bumps, and the sock body is also printed with the iconic non-feeling label inside the banana, which will not rub the feet and rub the skin, which is natural and comfortable.

The gift box packaging is decorated with Christmas tree and gingerbread man and other Christmas element illustrations, and adopts an intimate pull-out design, which is suitable for the overall small and exquisite gift.

Christmas stockings for couples

This model is unisex, and the gift box contains four classic Christmas element socks such as Christmas tree, gingerbread man, Santa Claus and snowman, which have a strong Christmas atmosphere. The thickness of the socks is moderate, can be worn in all seasons, the overall texture workmanship is acceptable, the victory is rich in pattern design, the packaging is more exquisite, and the cost performance is good as a socks gift box.

The socks are woven by a tight cyprospinning process, and the structure is tight and flat, but the socks are not thick, and when worn in cold weather, the warmth ability is slightly insufficient. Its cuff is elastic ribbed design, with a stable heel, it is not easy to slide and shift.

The pattern and color scheme are the highlights of this mid-tube sock, which is full of color, Christmas tree, Santa Claus and other elements, and the jacquard pattern is full of fun. However, there are many threads inside the pattern, and you may have a feeling of grinding your feet when wearing it.

The joint between the toe and the sock body is boneless stitching, which is relatively smooth and comfortable to wear. In terms of size, this sock is the same size for men and women, and the elasticity of the socks is relatively average, so men need to consider the right size when choosing.

The gift box adopts the classic red and green Christmas color, with sock box and handbag packaging, and its four pairs of socks are mainly red, black, white and coffee, with Christmas trees, gingerbread people and other pattern elements, reflecting the Christmas theme, and the overall color is full of vitality.