In the countryside of the southwest mountainous areas, there are many farmers who dig medicinal herbs for a living, and there is a medicinal herb in the deep mountains and old forests, and cutting off its branches will ooze a liquid like “blood”, and those who have never seen it will find it very scary. It is the legendary chicken blood vine, many trees will contain sap, but the formation layer inside the bark of the chicken blood vine contains red pigment, so the sap it oozes is a blood-red liquid.

Chicken blood vine is an evergreen woody vine of the legume family, generally growing in the mountain forests of the more primitive subtropical rainforest, and it has many common names in rural areas, such as: pig blood vine, blood dragon vine, blood wind vine, five-layer blood, etc.

Chicken blood vine taste bitter and sweet, warm, attributed to the liver, heart, kidney meridian, is a good medicine. It has the effect of activating blood and relieving tendons, replenishing blood and activating the meridians, and is often used to treat low back and knee pain, rheumatic paralysis, limb numbness and other diseases caused by rheumatism.

In addition to medicinal value, in recent years, chicken blood vine has gone out of rural mountains and forests, and has gradually become part of young people’s pursuit of fashion, and chicken blood vine bracelets made from it have become tasteful hand accessories.

Originally from Tibet, the Chicken Blood Vine Bracelet is said to be worn on the wrist to soothe blood, relieve joint and nerve pain, and ward off evil spirits and keep safe. Many young people use it as a token of love.

So how to make a bracelet out of chicken blood vine to give to your sweetheart?

1. Select a thin stem of chicken blood vine about 7 cm long, soak it in water for 2-3 days, and wash it.

2. Use a lighter or candle to heat the parts that need to be bent, chicken blood vine has great toughness, generally do not use excessive force, will not be damaged.

3. Repeatedly adjust the part that needs to be bent until it is bent into a ring.

4. After using scissors and files to correct the knots of the chicken blood vine, it is basically done, and the chicken blood vine will be brighter and brighter the more you wear it, the more you wear it, the more aura.