Before recommending autumn and winter skirts, wide-leg pants and other slightly “cool” items to the little fairies, the result was dissed by countless little fairies: Wearing so little, are you afraid that you won’t freeze me? Don’t you know that winter is coming in the north, you show me this?

Okay, okay, it’s the mushroom mushroom in the south! So today the mushroom mushroom will come to atone for the sin! Remember when I recommended leggings for little fairies before? Today, mushrooms are really recommended to wear leggings! Wear it under the skirt to keep warm, and wear it under the pants does not affect the beauty! Little fairies, come and see if they are satisfied ~~

MUJI’s influencer products are simply not too much, and leggings rarely seem to be “hyped”. The density and stretch are very good underwear fleece leggings, the plush thickness is moderate, warm but not fat. It is very weighty in the hand, soft and comfortable to the touch~ The most important thing is that this price is very cabbage in MUJI’s products!

Very hot Internet celebrity level leggings! The elasticity is good, when the leggings are really milky, wear a short skirt in winter and no longer have to worry about showing the thick legs ~ Wear it a few times will not fade or pill, the quality is online, the most important point, although high elasticity, but there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of falling crotch!

The most gratifying thing about these leggings is that the meat on the waist and crotch can also be collected a lot! Crotch tapered design, comfort up! The inside is not fleece, but there is still a certain thickness very suitable for autumn and early winter, the surface has a twill, and the upper body looks more advanced~

The one that just opened looks thin at the right time, and I wonder if it will keep warm, right? But after wearing it, the effect is very good, very warm and elastic, not tight and comfortable~

The fabric is a zero-shine cotton weave that is super soft to the touch and will not pill after washing a few times. The waist is very elastic, and there will be no tightness after wearing it, and there will be no difficulty breathing caused by tightness.

The main 130 pounds can also wear high elastic leggings, the velvet blend is soft and smooth to the touch, very comfortable ~ There is a small embroidery pattern decoration behind the side of the legs, playful and cute will not be boring to wear, very suitable for matching long sweaters, oversize fit sweaters.

Very thin + small warmth, more suitable for autumn and early winter. The upper body does not feel very tight, standing will not penetrate the flesh, but when sitting, it will slightly penetrate the flesh. Socks have heating fibers, but they do not heat up, but they can lock in body temperature well. It is said that this one also comes with a deodorization function!

It is also a very hot legging, it can be said that it does not drop the crotch, does not play the ball, keeps warm, slims, and lifts the buttocks in one step! Many models, depending on the figure, choose the most suitable for yourself. Volcano melt leggings add an extra layer of lint to the front of the legs, which is perfect for people with bad knees or joints!

Today’s heart-warming leggings planting grass is here! Are the mushrooms warm today?! Message area for praise!

It is said that yesterday’s mushroom Leo double 11 shopping strategy little fairies are not very satisfied (aggrieved Baba), for the sake of safety, the little fairies leave the constellation while remembering to say the typical style characteristics of the constellation, to provide a reference for mushrooms, the next issue of the constellation special session will bring a more accurate chopping list Oh~~