Hello everyone, today


Come to work overtime strongly.

Recently, the weather has been hot, and I am lazy in the morning and don’t want to think about a detailed outfit, so I often pull out a T-shirt and go out.

In order to maintain basic fashion even when I am lazy, in order not to be nagged by tomatoes at the company, I have been starting from recently


Hands on.

Today, I have selected some members of our temple

Small shops that often buy and brands that follow

Let’s share it with everyone.



WANGS vintage serpentine open ring

Reference price: 200 yuan


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I used to have a myth that rings must be small and slender to look good, and then I paid a lot of attention

French fashion blogger

Only to reverse the mind.

They wear suits, scarves and scarves

A large ring with a sense of style

Especially harmonious, the whole body is matched with feminine charm and workplace competence and handsomeness, really very good-looking.

Then I also tried to find some nice big rings, this one to buy back

Most satisfied

of one too.

MOI IOM original design 925 sterling silver thin chain finger sleeve Reference price: 880 yuan


This is a shop that I particularly like, and it has a lot of accessories

Sense of style

The rough looks a little rough, but slowly you can find that the details are very chic and fine.

Although this finger sleeve has not been worn many times, it has always been particularly liked and matched

Vintage shirt

Or a jacket with straight lines looks good.

However, the soft material or the soft style of broken flowers do not match it well.


Ideal Country Light Jewelry Midsummer Night’s Dream Vintage Color Necklace Reference price: 116 yuan


This is a more suitable one

Student Party

Small shop.

The jewelry is basically a typical Japanese style, light and slender, delicate and not exaggerated.

Most of the materials are 925 silver gold plated, hypoallergenic, fade-proof,

The quality is generally good

Students who usually dress in a fresh, natural and girly style can go to see.

Tyusha Design 14K gold Y-necklace Reference price: 129 yuan


A little sweet style of the small shop, the accessories are very simple, very suitable for oversized, shirt jeans, is that kind of handsomeness and a hint of it

Slender and feminine


I also bought this Y-shaped collarbone chain, which is cool and beautiful with a silk shirt or a solid wrap dress.

Self-portrait vintage light jewelry lace-trimmed pearl pendant necklace Reference price: 138.8 yuan


The accessories of this store are

Pearl material

Yes, the quality of pearls cannot be considered excellent, after all, the price is here, right, for daily wear

Really good value for money

I think the style of this store is slender and feminine and a little French aristocracy, just that kind of court retro style, can be both dignified and very mild, and it is very special to wear


Luv Aj Nouveau Cross & Freshwater Pearl Pendant Necklace Reference Price:


Luv Aj is one

American jewelry trendy brand

, designer Amanda Thomas is only 26 years old, talented or not.

The jewelry style of this brand is

Crazy overlay

, there is always a bit of exotic style in the cool, and it is also the true love brand of many young ladies and sisters in my temple.

When we buy our own necklace stacking, we will always encounter inconsistent colors or inappropriate lengths, and it is not bad to buy this already built style directly.

Maison Irem Chain Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace Reference price: $235

A jewelry brand founded by Amsterdam designer Irem Sesigur,

Very niche

At present, the more convenient way to buy is to shop bop Shanghai Tao.

Its style is particularly interesting, always layered with various marine elements on top of gold ornaments, and there is sophistication in it

Romantic relaxation like a holiday

For example, this chain necklace, the exaggerated ring clasp and the shaped pearl and blade-shaped pendant are full of design.

Bracelet & bracelet

ORIGIN Light Luxury Jewelry Design 14K Gold Bracelet Reference price: 139 yuan


Let’s start with one

The simplest and most versatile basics

This bracelet can be said to be simple and not simple, the zircon embellished in the middle makes the bracelet look less monotonous and dull, and the superposition of two simple thin chains will also make the wrist more slender.

It can basically be matched with all clothing accessories,

Delicate and not dramatic

Mob legend open bracelet Reference price: 168 yuan


I was fascinated by this bracelet at first sight, and it felt very similar to the vintage model of a luxury brand.

Delicate exaggeration, understated retro,

It can add a tone to the whole body

。 Even wearing the simplest white T-shirt jeans, wearing this bracelet has a chic handsomeness.

In fact, it was completely impulsive and blindly bought, and it turned out to be bought back

Super high utilization

, I didn’t expect it to be so versatile.

This shop is also considered to be of a good price, and many of the metal jewelry that appeared in our real photos was bought here.

LoseFat / Jinshi 18K gold diamond zircon bracelet Reference price: 248 yuan

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And the above two are completely different styles, this one is more feminine, and there is a hint

French romantic style

Wearing a simple little dress, carrying a small bag, wearing a shiny bracelet, and having a milk tea with a girlfriend, it is fun.

But a reminder, this bracelet

It is more suitable for students whose wrists are already slender

, If the wrist dimension exceeds 15cm, you can’t wear it.

Cano Jewelry half-face bracelet Reference price: $400

Colombian jewelry brand, the design is inspired by the local indigenous ornaments found during the archaeological process, so the styles are

It’s exaggerated and wild

Friends who usually like to wear dark clothes can pay attention to this brand, which is very suitable for cool young ladies.


ITHACA French vintage openwork lace earrings Reference price: 89 yuan


Everyone should usually buy more earrings, it is difficult to have any novel feelings, ordinary styles will not be repeatedly recommended, find a few fun ones for everyone to see.

This shop is

How the earrings are worn

It’s quite special.

A base earring that can be worn alone, paired with a variety of gemstone chains, can be layered on top of each other to create a variety of contrasts and effects.

Can be worn out simple

Japanese sweetness

, can also be stacked and matched

Business sense and ethnicity


There are many changes and the practicality is high, so if you are interested, you can check it out.

UN STUDIO Dazzling girl removable gemstone ear bones Reference price: 95 yuan


I bought this set back, it really looks good.

Just like described on the business page, when I was a child, I dreamed of becoming an adult and the sweet and scary feeling of stealing mom’s accessories

It’s fascinating

But when you grow up, you can’t really go out wearing 5 gemstone pearl rings.

This one completely satisfies our greed, pearls plus a variety of stones, crystals, and then with a thin chain irregular link, favorite colors and gemstones are available.

The wearing effect is not exaggerated at all

, but in my heart I feel that I am rich and invincible, hahaha.

JOUER sense of minimalist chic ultra-light rope knot earrings Reference price: 128 yuan


The earrings in the shape of knotted rope loops, tomato saw it and immediately linked to me.

The earrings certified by our eggplant must look good!

This one belongs to the style that looks good to wear casually over there,

No exaggeration, nor too low-key

, and casual clothes can be matched.

YVMIN New Time Series Pearl Memory Stud Earrings Reference price: 460 yuan


We have recommended the YVMIN brand many times, and it is absolutely authentic

“Tap Water”

In fact, just by looking at the style, you can feel that it is like home

Serious in design

, each series has an in-depth theme, not a general stream.

This summer’s

Time Series

Still excellent, I like this round stud earring, the pearl in the middle seems to be a planet, and the gems around it are the sparks that fly when riding in the time machine.

The size of the earrings is also controlled just right,

It’s both small and versatile

Midnight Opera House openwork engraved gold crystal earrings Reference price: 3880 yuan

“Midnight Opera House”

is really born to be worn by various stars, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Shaohan, Yao Chen, Zhou Dongyu and so on too much.

The accessories of this brand are definitely not everyday, but always

Very impressive

The shape is romantic and retro, the craftsmanship is exquisite and delicate, and the change and combination of different materials are paid attention to, in short, the sense of design is full,

Be creative

It’s itchy.

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