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When we want to record the beautiful moments in our lives, most of us bring them out

Camera or mobile phone

Take a photo or video of that moment as a souvenir.

However, here at the handmade guy Jedrek29t, the ones he liked


, love to eat


, cute


, will be in the form of his handmade glue,

Eternally frozen

In containers or dispensing glue.

Even the waves of freedom can be loaded into small bulbs that can be seen everywhere, lapping at the shore where the lighthouse stands.

And if you want to put this beautiful scenery in, the first step is to put the original first

The sealed bulb is disassembled

, open an easy access entrance.

Slotted screwdriver

Pound the yellow dragon

, be careful not to crush the bulb with the other hand too excited.

Next, prepare some essential drops of glue and mix them with freshly dug ones

Beach sand

And also

White dye

Stir well together. So that the sand does not run around inside the bulb, but firmly sticks to the wall.

Wipe clean with food

Bone and flesh are connected to the skewer head

Dig up a small lump of sand mixture and carefully send it in from the mouth of the bulb that has been dug before, paying attention to the millions

Don’t scratch it

Go to other parts, otherwise cleaning up will be a nightmare.

Just like that, it was carried in

Spread evenly

, which will be a must-have for subsequent subsea and lighthouse installations.

After processing the sand, Jedrek29T didn’t know where to get a small and flat stone.

You might think he would use this stone for the bottom of the sea

Dinghaishen Stone

Or an inconspicuous decoration like a reef, but when he sticks the stone to the end of the sand bottom and straightens the angle of the bulb, you will understand that the stone is actually it

Where the lighthouse will stand.

The angle between the stone and the sand is filled with several smaller pieces of gravel to prevent excessive waves

Accidental collapse


Then, Jedrek29T pulled out a package as fine as hair stubble

Artificial grass

, gently take a scoop and mix with the glue.

Apply them to the surface of the stones like jam on bread and you get a miniature version

Green grasslands

At this time, the problem arises, the most important accessory – the lighthouse, it is difficult to use


Pinch a mold out?

Jedrek29T shook his head and saw the one on the side

3D printers


Not long after pressing the start button, a pocket lighthouse was freshly baked and painted by hand

Red and white

The color scheme can be covered on the base we prepared earlier.

With the lighthouse, there is no end to it

Blue sea

But in this small light bulb to create the magnificent feeling of nature, you need to use a little special skill.

The JEDREK29T chose to mix blue dye with gel drops to create a transparent color of the ocean.

Of course, the “seawater” produced by this cannot be rudely poured directly into it, but must be used


, slowly transfer in, this step requires great patience and a pair of calm hands that will not tremble.

As I watched the sea rise little by little in the bulb, it was really a feeling

Build the world

A wonderful feeling.

As for the swaying waves, first brush a layer on the shaped sea surface with another glue to form it


, this glue will turn transparent color after drying.

It is then outlined with pure white acrylic paint


One by one, I can’t think of any other adjectives when I finish but being realistic.

Finally, the jedrek29t also took its own

Three fingers

As a mold poured with a small base, this time it is really a beautiful view at your fingertips.

Finished product diagram

At the beginning of the article, we also mentioned that this blogger is also keen to preserve all kinds of strange things in glue drops, such as this bottle back

Unopened whiskey

Before I could taste it, I was made into a permanent collector’s price by dripping glue.

And this one just bought from McDonald’s


, come and come, drop gum eat first.

After 60 days, also cut it to take a look

Spoiled packages

cross-section… I didn’t understand very much, but I was shocked .jpg.

What makes Madomaru regret the most is this one

Drop glue sealed version of fried chicken

, so gluttonous!

If you change me to operate, hehe (wipe saliva), this chicken leg will definitely be

Won’t survive completion.

It is the hand that fried chicken moves first

(The picture material in the article comes from the Internet, only for learning and communication)