The daily maintenance of the bicycle can usually be done at home. Simple bicycle cleaning, transmission cleaning are very simple, it should be noted that the water must be wiped clean after cleaning, and the transmission part must be wiped clean and oiled, otherwise it is very easy to rust.

As the saying goes, sharpening knives do not cut wood by mistake, maintenance is to make the bicycle run more smoothly, but also the most beneficial protection for the bicycle, don’t look at just a simple scrub, oil. If these gravel dust are not cleaned up in time, it will inevitably increase wear; If you don’t oil after riding, the friction will definitely increase, and wear will also occur.

When it comes to oiling, it is also learned, usually the bicycle transmission uses lubricating oil, but not any oil can be used. For example, damping oil is absolutely untouchable, and increasing resistance is only a matter of minutes; The effect of butter is also very bad, in addition to good water resistance, when the temperature is low, it is completely in a condensed state.

Friends who get up early to play cycling usually like to use sewing machine oil because of lack of material and other reasons. The lubrication effect of sewing machine oil is average, and the biggest problem is very sticky ash, which is more troublesome to handle. Nowadays, there is basically no use of sewing machine oil as lubricating oil for the transmission part.

I have seen some friends find very good fully synthetic car lubricating oil, this kind of oil lubrication effect is good, but it belongs to the oil used in the cavity of the engine, and it needs to reach a certain temperature to have the best effect. And it is particularly sticky and not very suitable for cycling use.

Some friends will choose to use WD40, that is, universal lubrication rust inhibitor, which is not a product developed for bicycles. He has a certain toxicity, has a certain corrosiveness, every bicycle is indispensable to plastic parts, stained will leave traces. In addition, he volatilizes particularly quickly, which is not suitable for use as bicycle transmission lubrication.

The variety of transmission lubricating oil of the bicycle is also much longer, such as the dry oil that everyone likes to use now, and the oil film formed by the parts after application is dry, and even feels like a layer of wax to the touch. It is not easy to stick to the ash, has good lubrication performance, and reduces metal wear. The disadvantage is that the use cycle is short, basically 1~2 weeks need to be oiled once.

The other is wet traditional lubricants. The advantages are good waterproofness, strong oil film adhesion and long service life. It is an all-day oil, and the service life of the oil film is ideal, and the lubricity is also good. But the disadvantage is that it is too sticky and gray, and it is particularly dark, which is very difficult to clean.

With the rapid development of science and technology, lubrication products are constantly being developed, upgraded and tested. The price gap of lubricating oil is also very large, but not the most expensive is the best, it needs to be considered, the environment, moderate, road surface and other comprehensive conditions. It is the wisest choice to choose the right lubricant for your own situation.

This article was edited by Cool Change Life and published on 2017-1-19, and everyone is also welcome to actively put forward their different views and interact with the editor.