On a hot summer day, it’s cool

Back to nature


Laid back summer days

Two o’clock line, 9 to 6

Copy today into tomorrow

Say goodbye to the endless cycle day after day

Don’t let the ordinary fail this summer

Take this Lotus Mountain vacation guide

Make your summer less annoying!

Full of sunshine and floral fragrance

Tiandingshan tourist resort town




Daytime, mountain flowers romantic mountains

In the evening, the glow drenches Stratus clouds

At night, the starry wilderness is dense

Between mountains and rivers, the beauty of nature is presented in an instant

Tiandingshan B&B is a must-stay for a summer vacation in Lianhuashan, and it is a premier check-in place

It is the water town homestay starry sky tent. Looking up at the sky on a swaying ship, twinkling with stars, and falling asleep with the song of frogs, this is the pursuit of new things.

Starry Sky Houseboat



In the snow-themed guest rooms, you can feel the cool beauty of summer

On a bed in the shape of a wooden barrel, sleep peacefully with a sense of freshness

It not only satisfies our trial and pursuit of new things

You can also devote yourself to vacation life and find comfort


of 2021

The temperature climbs and inspiration breaks

Constant high temperatures day and night

The suffocating heat is not over

Think only about Tianding Mountain,


Take a walk among the huge rural courtyards

Temporarily stay in a country house full of characteristics,

Only in this way can you escape the heat and heat!


Cool off

Lianhuashan Pretty Tianchi Resort Camp


On a hot summer day, nothing beats the coolness of playing in the water. On vacation at Lianhua Mountain, be sure to refresh yourself at the water park at Qiutianchi Resort Camp.

The water park of Qiutianchi Resort Camp is located in Changchun Lianhuashan Ecotourism Resort, about 35 kilometers from the downtown area of Changchun and about 19 kilometers from Longjia International Airport.

A variety of thrilling giant slides, childlike octopus slides, pirate ship slides, water trampolines and more are all standard equipment for summer fun, and you can enjoy the refreshing feeling of the ocean by the pool and the sun loungers.

There are also a la carte farm dishes for 50 yuan per person. There is also a spacious barbecue pavilion, you can bring your own self-service barbecue, which is very user-friendly.

Field cabins

Walk through the winding path, listen to music, read and write, look out the window at the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the leisure life of the hidden countryside at the characteristic wooden house or the industrial-style container station.

Address: Changchun Lianhuashan Eco-tourism Resort Lianhuashan Road and Longshuang Highway intersection 100 meters east


Lotus Mountain Baturu Park

The heat is thick,

Baturu Land will bring you a rare coolness

While returning to nature,

Play boldly and be a fearless chaser boy

Walking into Baturu Paradise, the first thing you will see is the high-altitude suspension bridge that hangs high and spans the sky, and the glass mirror bridge reflects you under the blue sky and white clouds.

A cold cold drink A refreshing watermelon

They can’t compete with the scorching heat of three volt days

At this time, the only way to go down the high-altitude water slide is to fly down

At the moment when speed collides with coolness

In order to feel the beauty of summer!

The total length is 3000 meters

Glide at an altitude of 180 meters

Put on your battle robe and sit on a rubber boat

Spin in fully transparent glass and jump down the river

What ushered in is the collision of water and boat, the stirring of heart and heart!

Check in the colorful slides, here

You don’t have to be inhibited

The moment when the body is speeding down with the scooter

screaming loudly ,

Such a decompression trip is at Baturu Land on Lotus Mountain!

In the shouting fountain, pick up the microphone and shout

The height of the fountain grows higher with the length of the cry

It seems that in the battle with life, the winner and the loser have been divided


Make your cry more “rational”!

Business hours: 8:00—18:00

Ticket sales hours: 8:00-17:30

Scenic location: Changchun Lianhuashan Eco-tourism Resort Sijiang Qingshan Village Shimao Ski Resort

Transportation: It is recommended to navigate by car

Find it cool

Lianxiufeng Forest Park

Shade and summer are the perfect pairing

If you don’t go to the mountains to check in

It’s always a bit of a shame this summer

Come to Lianxiufeng Forest Park to climb the mountain

Walk along the tree-shaded boardwalk

The grass on both sides is luxuriant

, wildflowers in full bloom

A summer breeze blows through the heart

Let you collide with nature

Admission: Free

Address: Lianhuashan Ecotourism Resort Sijiang Qingshan Village Lianhuashan Ski Resort

Transportation: No. 101 starts from People’s Square, terminates in the direction of Jiangjia, and gets off at Jiangjia Terminal Station and transfers to rent. (About 8-20 minutes/trip).

Lotus Farmer Resort

Located in Changchun, Lianhua Yunyu Pastoral Resort integrates leisure and entertainment with pastoral life, perfectly creating a “idyllic” tourism picture.

Jilin Lianhua Yunyu Pastoral Resort is located in Quannongshan Town, Lianhuashan Ecotourism Resort, Changchun City

Yanjiagangzi, Dongfeng Village, is located in Lianhuashan Resort with convenient transportation.

(It is 25 kilometers from Changchun Longjia Airport, about 18 minutes by car, and 22 kilometers from Changchun downtown, about 15 minutes by car.) )

The resort has 41 rooms with different styles, including business double room, business standard room, family children’s room, tatami comfort room, etc.

The resort’s cuisine also gathers the best ingredients from the mountains and rivers on a small dining table, which has become a highlight.

Not long after, a steaming pot of firewood cauldron stewed chicken, stewed fish in front of you, eating no additives, pure natural organic vegetables, breathing freely in the countryside, the stress of urban life is instantly released, I think this is the idyllic life you dream of living…

Address: Yanjiagangzi, Lianhuashan Eco-tourism Resort, Changchun City

Transportation: It is recommended to go by car


Burned by the vigorous sun

The trip was disrupted by a sudden rainstorm

We have too much difficulty in the middle of summer

Take a step and come to Lotus Mountain

Let time stand still in the afternoon when every bird chirps

Embrace nature and sleep peacefully…

Source: Jilin Tourism Radio

Part of the content comes from Changchun Lianhuashan Resort Tourism Bureau, Lianxiufeng Forest Park, Lianhua Yunyu Pastoral Resort

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