The spiral pattern above, have you ever seen it dizzy?

Anyway, the explosion is already dizzy

Today’s explosion experiment

It’s about the spiral

And let it spin like crazy!

Prepare the materials together

Start today’s experiment!

-Spinning Paper Snake-


Markers/refills/candles/toothpicks/scissors/colored paper/igniters


-Step 1-

Use a marker to draw a spiral pattern on colored paper

-Step 2-

Use scissors to cut out a “paper snake” along the spiral pattern

-Step 3-

Stick the toothpick on the candle and insert the refill on the toothpick

-Step 4-

Hang the cut “paper snake” on the refill

-Step 5-

Light the candle and the spiral “paper snake” whistles around!


The candle was lit, and the spiral spun up, as if dancing lightly.

The principle used in this experiment is mainly: after the candle is lit, the temperature of the flame increases the temperature of the air above, at this time the volume of air expands, the weight is reduced, and the hot air flow rises, when the surrounding cold air quickly fills, so a circulation is formed, and when the circulating air flow through the spiral, it drives the spiral to rotate!