In this autumn season, it’s time for us to wear thick clothes, but can’t we wear short skirts anymore? Of course not

All we need is pantyhose, and we can still wear our dresses and look beautiful at all times

However, there are so many styles of pantyhose, how can you choose pantyhose that suits your outfit, and how to wear it to keep warm and fashionable

? We have to study this problem well!

Maybe you also have pantyhose that you bought last year in your wardrobe, but it doesn’t feel fashionable at all, but some look old and fat, then it’s very likely that you chose the wrong style.

The material and thickness of pantyhose, etc. are all exquisite, and the inappropriate style certainly does not have a good effect.

Many celebrities and fashionistas also wear it as a piece of private clothing, which is simply beautiful, so let’s take a look at how pantyhose are selected and matched.

· What are the materials of pantyhose?

(1) Core wire material

This is a super soft and breathable material, which is very suitable for wearing in the early autumn when it is slightly colder,

The slightly transparent texture creates a sensual and seductive feeling.

Today’s hot flesh-colored pantyhose are this material,

If you want to create long white legs, you can choose such a bare-legged artifact.

However, be careful to choose a color close to your skin tone, otherwise it will look fake

, the overall outfit will also have a feeling of cheap and cheap. For core silk jumpsuits, we need to take care of them, fragile materials are easy to hook.

Velvet material

Velvet material that sounds so beautiful,

In fact, a fabric made of a mixture of nylon and spandex

, Compared with the core filament above, it is more durable and not easy to break, so it is highly recommended for girls who are not very good at taking care of it, and it is very fashionable to match with shorts and skirts.


It is also very delicate and comfortable, and the warmth index will be much higher than that of core filament material.

The high elasticity feature is also friendly to girls with thick legs, and there will be no embarrassing situation of suddenly dropping gears while walking on the street.

The cost performance is also relatively high, the effect of slight matte, it is low-key and thin to wear.

(3) Wool material

As we all know, wool is very warm and comfortable,

Therefore, it is very suitable for autumn and winter when the weather is cold, and even if it snows heavily, there is no need to worry about freezing

However, the price of this material will be higher, and it is enough to have one in the wardrobe, after all, the cost performance is not very high.

Special materials will also be thicker than ordinary pantyhose, so we should try to choose a style with vertical stripes

, visually do not lengthen the leg proportions excessively, or with a long jacket to cover the legs, we need both grace and temperature in cold weather.

Made of pure cotton

Compared with expensive wool pantyhose, cotton pantyhose are more worth buying.

Pure cotton, which is also very warm, will look thinner when worn,

The effect of shaping the legs can also be said to be the best of the four,

The advantages of high cost performance and other advantages are definitely our autumn and winter unlimited repurchase of one-piece socks.

A variety of colors can be combined with different styles, and it is very versatile with any outfit, even a pair of pantyhose can be worn for a season.


How to wear pantyhose in different colors


Black is definitely the best match in pantyhose, and it is easy to wear fashionable.

Like this year’s popular polka dot black jumpsuit personality and handsome, adding classic polka dot elements, always exuding a high-class taste, with black shorts,

Instantly makes the leg line look slimmer and straighter, especially suitable for sisters with not straight legs.

If you want to wear a celebrity style, you can accessory a small fragrant coat, absolutely princess style.

If you feel that you have a lot of fat on your calves, you may wish to wear a high boot to modify the excess fat.

However, pay attention to the pattern on pantyhose is not too dense, otherwise it will look like a street stall.

If your usual dressing style is relatively low-key, you can try pure black pantyhose, which are more suitable for occasions than sheer ones. The colorful rainbow sweater is cute and loose, and the black shorts are layered with pantyhose,

In line with the rules of dressing with loose and tight tops, otherwise wearing loose pants on the lower body will make people look unenergetic.

However, it is important to note that jumpsuits cannot be worn alone,

Be sure to wear it with pants or skirts, otherwise it will be embarrassing

。 The sharp color contrast neutralizes the overall style, adding a rich sense of layering. Pair it with small leather shoes and play with autumn.


Get rid of the mature charm of black onesies, the white style looks very noble and elegant

, always exudes a strong Italian style. Dressed in white with white pantyhose with a great sense of luster, the cold smell of temperament is pervasive,

The elements of the small polka dots are age-reducing and cute, which is perfect for women with sweet style.

Of course

If the legs are relatively plump girls, you can wear a long trench coat to cover the flesh and show thinness while still having a strong aura

。 Stepping on a black high-heeled leather boot, a small girl can also have the height of a model.

If you are tired of seeing polka-dot elements, you can boldly try the lace style, which will be more mature and stable.

This lace jumpsuit is perfect for pairing with contrasting skirts, and the visual gives a sense of fashion impact.

The fashionable printed dress is retro and street, and girls with fat on the waist can choose an A-line fit, with lace jumpsuits underneath, and the cold and noble temperament will come out. But

The pear-shaped figure still avoids this style, and the white + lace will be a little fat.

Step on high heels and your aura is unmatched.

(3) Gray

The high-grade warm gray leggings have a touch of Japanese feel, which is very suitable for soft girls.

The combination of a skin-friendly gray sweater and gray jumpsuit gives a calm and soft feeling, making you instantly a ray of sunshine in autumn and winter.

But because there are many shades of gray,

This matching sweater should choose light gray as much as possible, which can create a close and feminine atmosphere

The material is also wool or cotton, and the texture and comfort can be online at the same time

。 Get one and be a gentle person this season.

Compared with the feminine light gray jumpsuit, the dark gray style is more high street sporty,

Girls with thick legs don’t have to worry about showing fat, gray can weaken the fat on the legs more than black.

A unisex denim jacket and shirt as a top may look slightly bloated,

But with dark gray jumpsuits underneath, the figure is instantly slim and straight, and the side looks as thin as a paper man

。 Grab a pair of comfortable sneakers and feel as energetic as an eighteen-year-old.

(4) Color

Simple jumpsuits can also play with fashion, and colorful onesies are perfect for girls who walk the rock street.

The light green printed jumpsuit is full of bold and unique personality, and with the shorts of the same color, it has a cool girly feeling, but

It is only recommended for girls with thick calves to wear it, otherwise it will be a disaster to wear it.

The top can be matched with sweaters, and the wearing of different materials highlights the level of the whole look, and you are the one who can wear it at a glance.

Of course, jumpsuits of this color are not versatile, and it is not recommended to start with Xiaobai.

Studying such a variety of pantyhose, is it also a strong cognition, so it is said

Pantyhose are not just bought and put on, you must choose the one-piece that suits you according to the matching and your own conditions

。 This autumn and winter, you no longer need to go bare-legged, and wearing a pair of pantyhose is still beautiful and warm.