Originally I was very happy with a new home, but in terms of decoration, I didn’t have time to manage the decoration of the home, originally I just felt that the decoration of the home was warm and comfortable enough and didn’t need to spend more, but my husband was obsessed with industrial style, had to pretend to be industrial style, now I see the floor of the living room I am angry, not good at all, girlfriends came and laughed at me that your home is not short of money, how to do the floor not lay a tile, so how poor and sour it looks, I really have “bitter” can not say! It can only be said that except for the floor, everything else is acceptable!

The living room, because the floor is made of cement, so that the living room looks gray, not warm at all, even during the day, the light shines into the home is still not bright enough, if the floor is tiled, it must be different in an instant.

Although other soft furnishings still look very good, such as the lighting next to the sofa, and the coffee table, etc., everything else can not save the “darkness” of the floor.

Next to the living room is the dining room, here in addition to the dining room, sometimes the office will also be here, after all, practical and convenient, that is, the daily office needs to turn on the light, because the home is too dark.

The decoration of the TV wall is too simple, the TV cabinet is quite good, and the black and the white of the wall match, the sense of layering is very strong, is to find out whether the TV wall can do some decoration, so that look at the space above the TV wall.

The decoration of the sofa wall is still relatively good-looking, and the beige sofa is fashionable and generous, if you ignore the cement floor, in fact, the decoration of my home is quite good!

The kitchen, the floor tiles and the wall tiles are the same gray tile design, and the kitchen space is quite large, the lighting is also very good, the kitchen I am the most satisfied. Custom black cabinet design with a modern touch.

The master bedroom, the overall look is warm and comfortable, the design of the bay window as a leisure area is quite good, you can sit and read books and blow the wind, the design of the bedside wall is the same as the sofa in the living room, and the painting is used as a decoration. The floor is made of wood, and if I can stay in the bedroom without leaving the room.

The space in the second bedroom is not large, but for the children, I still made study tables, bookshelves, etc.

The decoration of the bathroom also annoyed me, and I reminded my husband not to install such a wash basin, which is not useful, but he still installed it, not only difficult to take care of, but also not good-looking, really disgusted. But if it’s all installed, then you can only accept it.

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