Now more and more people have realized the benefits of raising flowers, and have joined the army of raising flowers, when it comes to raising flowers, let’s talk about how to raise longevity flowers today, because it is a cold winter, in this season is the blooming period of longevity flowers, say longevity flowers, it is a kind of leaf fat and juicy, many varieties, full of color potted flowers, single flowering period is long, is a kind of potted flowers that are easy to bloom pots, but people who have raised longevity flowers will also have a small trouble, that is, longevity flowers are difficult to bloom twice, Always bloom once and do not bloom, in fact, want to bloom longevity flowers, we only need a small method, in order for flower friends can raise their beloved longevity flowers, let’s share a small method today, let’s take a look at the sharing theme!


If you want longevity flowers to bloom more, basic maintenance should be done well

If you want a potted flower to grow vigorously and bloom more, we still have to pay attention to its basic maintenance, and the basic maintenance of longevity flowers is as follows:

1. Potting soil and bottom fertilizer

Longevity flowers like breathable and loose growth environment, generally use clay pots to raise longevity flowers are growing well, potting soil is best to rot leaves sandy soil plus some rotten bean cake as bottom fertilizer, such potting soil loose and breathable, rich in nutrition, longevity flowers like very much.

2. Lighting

Longevity flower is a kind of light-loving potted plant we maintain longevity flowers at home, need to put it in a bright, ventilated place, only sufficient light longevity flowers can grow strong and bloom, except for the summer high temperature dormancy period, other times can be placed in a bright place, the need to often rotate the flower pot, so that it receives light evenly, avoid partial crown, reduce the ornamental value.

But at the same time, it should be noted that longevity flowers are also a short-day potted plant, and it is necessary to control the light when it reaches the flowering period, that is, only give it 6-7 hours of light a day, and all other times are all black maintenance, so that for about 20 days of maintenance, longevity flowers can grow full of flower buds, and all bloom in 30 days.

3. Fertile water

The leaves of the longevity flower are thick and can store water, and the root system is not very developed, so it is extremely drought-resistant, not too much watering, if it is too much watering will rot the roots, home maintenance, summer should be less watering, 5 days to 7 days of watering once is good, placed outdoors longevity flowers, rainy season to avoid rain, water is easy to rot roots and leaves or even death, proper water control potting soil to see dry and wet, if you can water 2 times a month during the growing period of rotten soybean water, then longevity flowers are flourishing and flowers.

4. Picking and pruning

If you want longevity flowers to grow and bloom more, in the spring and autumn growth period, you must pick it in time to reduce the loss of nutrients, promote its multiple branches, and bloom more at the flowering period, and cut off the residual flowers in time after flowering to maintain nutrition, in order to quickly bloom twice.


Longevity flowers drink a bowl of “natural flower water”, 30 days can open a burst pot, and open it after opening

The above basic maintenance is done, longevity flowers can generally grow well, if the longevity flowers do not bloom during the flowering period, then we can give longevity flowers a bowl of natural flower water, this water generally longevity flowers after drinking, can quickly appear buds, in fact, it is a kind of phosphorus fertilizer water, at this time we can take out an egg yolk, adjust it into fertilizer water for longevity flowers to drink can make longevity flowers bloom more.

This is mainly because the egg yolk contains a large amount of natural phosphorus fertilizer, when using it, we only need to take out an egg yolk, and add some cool white open inside, stir well, on the side of the pot of longevity flowers, use a small stick to dig out a small bubble, pour the egg yolk water, bury the soil.

The decomposition of egg yolk in the soil is very fast, generally about 10 days can complete the decomposition, precipitate nutrients for the use of longevity flowers, coupled with our light control maintenance, so that longevity flowers can generally bloom in 30 days, after a flower failure, cut off the residual flowers in time, properly maintained, and soon can bloom twice.

Longevity flowers drink a bowl of “natural flower water”, 30 days can open a burst pot, open after opening, easy to use