How to clean up the dirt inside the plastic bucket? If the inside of the large plastic bucket is dirty, you can also let people go in to clean and clean it. Many cleaning tools in small plastic buckets cannot be used, and how to clean and disinfect it is a headache. Jinshanglai plastic barrel According to experience, sorted out some methods of cleaning plastic barrel, I hope to bring help to everyone, come and take a look together.

1. Clean white vinegar

If it is a household plastic barrel, you can try this method. Soak in white vinegar, if the white vinegar is not completely poured into the plastic bucket, you can try soaking for a while and rotating the position. When we use white vinegar to soak plastic barrels, we should be careful not to dilute white vinegar. At the same time, it is not recommended to choose aged vinegar, because aged vinegar is not easy to clean and is less acidic.

If it is a small-mouth plastic bucket, in order to better clean the dead corner, you can also put some rice into it to help increase friction.

2. Clean with alcohol and gasoline

If there is paint inside or outside the plastic barrel, cleaning is more troublesome. If possible, you can use paint special cleaner, if not, we can use gasoline that can be available in daily life to clean it, wipe the gasoline, and then clean it with water. Liquor and alcohol also have good decontamination ability, and you can choose according to the situation.

3. Consume citric acid for cleaning

For friends who need to clean a large number of plastic buckets, but feel that the detergent is not cost-effective, you can try to use citric acid, and the descaling effect is also OK.

4. Clean soda powder

Knead the egg shells (3-5, depending on the size of your bucket) and put them in a bucket with scale, add some baking soda (bought in supermarkets or pharmacies), and shake with some water

5. Detergent cleaning

If it is a scale that is difficult to clean, you can use a special detergent to clean it according to the instructions.

6. Dehydration and cleaning

Dehydrated and clean, suitable for moss-prone plastic drums. You can dry the plastic bucket and let the moss dehydrate and peel off, and it will be much easier to clean again.

7. Clean the sand

If you are not willing to use detergent, there are many dead corners of the barrel, and there are no requirements for hygiene, you can choose to use sand for cleaning. Add the right amount of sand, and the right amount of water, and keep shaking. The barrel is cleaned by friction.

8. High-pressure water gun cleaning

Now many homes are equipped with high-pressure water guns, and a lot of dirt can be directly washed away with water guns to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Friends who have disinfection needs, you can choose the right detergent to soak and disinfect, and then rinse with a high-pressure water gun.