“FHM” hundred sexy actress released

“FHM” vote in 2015, the most sexy hundred beauty announced! Michelle Keegan strongly settled! Kendall Jenner and Jennfer Lawrence divided submaster. There is also a familiar Ariana Grande and the MAX of the bankrupt sister also in the top ten. How to shape the ultimate sexy temptation on hairstyles, and learn from 100,000 sexy women!

Well optimistic about the video – “FHM” 100 major sexy actress released

《FHM》百大美女出炉 追踪最性感女星发型

Sexy wet hair

Near the summer, there are more opportunities to go to the beach of the sea. You can choose half-wet curling shape in shape, with sexy bikini, absolutely creating sexual integration.

Modeling method: free hair products

Before going to the seaside, the free breasts and water will be mixed in a spray bottle according to the proportion of the water. Before the water, spray the harmonious hair care water in hair, and the hair combing the hair and combing the hair, it can make the hair last longer, even if swimming is still naturally bright.

Caramel gold curl

More suitable for Kat Dennings, more suitable for Kat Dennings, the syndrome of the signboard, the European and American people are deeply rooted in the blonde beauty template, but obviously caramel brown hair is more in line with today’s respective health.

Dyeing hair: combined trend

《FHM》百大美女出炉 追踪最性感女星发型

Nowadays, the popular sexy color is nothing more than brown latter, almost become the standard of judge the beauty, and the summer can boldly select the color of the light brown system, and the sense of sensibility is increased!

Editing items

Zhuoyun cream care hair cream 69 yuan / set

The fashion gorgeous series lets you enjoy a luxurious hair loss, hair loss, life, you can shine so shine. Contains three effective repair essences, effective repair, strong toughness, abundance, hair loss, unfamiliar with silk, more effectively resistance caused by combing.

《FHM》百大美女出炉 追踪最性感女星发型

Card poetry brilliant deep protective shampoo 199 yuan / 200ml

《FHM》百大美女出炉 追踪最性感女星发型

Active ingredients such as lack of glossy hair. Anti-ionic polymer, L’Oreal neuronamide, wax, and ultraviolet filter. Protect the hair while cleaning the hair.

TIGI lock, weak alkaline shampoo, Taobao reference price 268 yuan / 750ml

Protect the beautiful color, maintain the bright color, and completely and detachable nourishing ingredients, improve the strength of the hair. Let the blonde who have just dyed, shine like tomorrow!