I had dinner with my friend some time ago, and chatted after the meal, and found that they all had confused seasons, and still couldn’t find the future direction, just when my friend was forced to lay off again, and also looked for a job for a while. Although he was depressed for a while, fortunately, there was still love in life, and he finally found a suitable job and is now struggling for life. For me, the most important thing to do at the moment is to bravely move forward, carry a backpack and walk around, and see the scenery of nature.

Since CUE got a backpack, I just got a brand new backpack, that is, the Horizon 8 zero sense backpack, the style design is simple and atmospheric, especially suitable for carrying out and using. I also have a good relationship with Horizon 8, and in 2019 I experienced their trolley case, and after my mother saw it when I brought it home, she said that this suitcase looked good and was taken by her. This time GET to Horizon 8 Zero Sense Backpack, the first feeling is a good tide! However, this backpack is really more suitable for men, because you can understand it at a glance, and it is more tough. In addition to the black I hold, there are also blue and green options, and in the final analysis, my black looks the most textured.

The details are all about the care

To be reasonable, after getting started with the Horizon 8 zero-sense backpack, the texture conveyed is obviously unusual. First of all, the whole backpack in the material of high-quality twill fabric, the most important feature of this fabric is easy to care for and wear-resistant and water-repellent, especially water-repellent this point, personally I think it is quite critical, like when we go out, it will inevitably encounter rainy days, which can effectively prevent rain from leaching into the backpack. Secondly, there is a small piece of leather under the front of the backpack, which is engraved with “LEVEL 8”, so that the whole backpack looks less monotonous, and the temperament is instantly improved. Again, the addition of an additional leather handle is not just for good looks, compared to other backpacks, the leather handle does not bring so much burden to the palm, especially when the backpack is stuffed with items, lifting it with one hand will not feel so uncomfortable. Finally, there is also a small thought on the zipper, and the brand logo of Horizon 8 is portrayed on it, which is inexplicably cute.

Then from its side, you can see that there is an external USB charging port, which can solve the embarrassing situation of the mobile phone suddenly running out of power when going out, and at the same time, there is no need to hold the charging treasure in your hand at all times. In advance, you only need to place the charging treasure in the backpack, and then connect it with the charging cable inside, and then when the phone is dead, take out the standard charging cable and connect it with its external USB charging port to charge the mobile phone, saving you peace of mind.

The straps behind the Horizon 8 Zero Sense backpack support adjustable length, if you feel that the backpack is too loose when you carry it, you can adjust it through the strap, and the strap also has “LEVEL 8”, not to mention, it’s really a little trendy.

Multi-compartment storage division is clear and not messy

Don’t look at the Horizon 8 zero-sense backpack in size of 15.6 inches, but compared to the same type of backpack, can accommodate a lot of things, after all, there is nearly 19L of capacity space, the most important is to have a multi-compartment storage design, such as the front of this hidden front pocket, here can be used to place some small items, tissues, glasses cloth and other scattered items, but also quite practical.

There is also another hidden side pocket, which is usually used to store items such as water, and like me, I will put a thermos cup here when I go out, after all, I have also started to recuperate. There is no need to worry about falling out during walking, and the space inside will protect it tightly, and it will not be particularly obtrusive, otherwise it will not be called hidden.

Under normal circumstances, an excellent backpack will generally have a three-layer type, then this backpack is the same, the outermost layer is replaced by magnetic technology instead of the traditional zipper open pocket, one is more convenient to operate with one hand, and the other is more convenient to take, but the storage space here I recommend is used to put books such as books, after all, in addition to the distance, there must also be poetry.

As the innermost layer of the three-layer type is a separate computer compartment, as the name suggests, it is used to place the notebook, enough to store the notebook in use, most of the notebook size can be adapted, in a good protection but also very easy to take out. Believe me, I bring this backpack when I go out on weekdays, and then take out my notebook in the café, and immediately high-end atmosphere.

The most important thing in the three-layer type is the large-capacity main bag, in the large-capacity main bag there are 4 small pockets and an inner mezzanine, 4 small pockets can be used to place small objects such as data cables, and the inner mezzanine can be used to place some more important things, such as certificates and the like, as for the central large-capacity space, I was used to place a drone and a camera, mainly these two things are more fragile, have to be protected, so it is most suitable to put in the center. Of course, how to store it depends on the personal arrangement.

The back feels relaxed and chic

To be honest, I’m a bit of a backpacker, and every time I see a backpack I like, I want it in particular, and obviously the Horizon 8 Zero Sense backpack is my thing. Whether it is a single back, a double back, or a hand-held, it is very suitable, and the use of comfortable and breathable honeycomb heat dissipation and breathable design, out of use is not afraid of stuffy heat, even in summer, it is still chic and free.

Write to the end

Horizon 8 Zero Sense Backpack

It perfectly meets the needs of my original backpack, not only has the capacity to meet the needs of daily commuting and travel, but also its simple design makes the whole backpack look very high-grade, while hidden front pockets, side pockets, separate computer compartments, external USB charging ports, etc., every detail is vividly displayed. With such a backpack that is both beautiful and practical, I can only say that it is really worth buying!