Winter is coming, warm items will always be loved by everyone, for women, cashmere coat is called the “king of wildness” of winter, its texture is thick and delicate, the cut is very neat, will make you easily become the most elegant and gentle existence in the crowd, suitable for all mature women, into winter, is your cashmere coat ready? Let’s take a look!

First of all, I will introduce you to a blue coat, in terms of color matching, I recommend that you start with some colors that will not be outdated but very foreign, blue is one of them, although it is a cold color, but it is very in line with the sense of winter atmosphere, will give people a very calm feeling, and is also very friendly to yellow and black skin.

The cut of this coat is neat, the fit is loose, the texture is very soft, it can make you look more structured and stylish, and it will not wear too sharp feeling, just in line with the needs of big women, it is very friendly to slightly fat and beautiful eyebrows, even if you have more fat on your body, it can help you hide well.

When matching the blue coat, maybe in front of the screen you will be entangled in what color to choose the inside, in fact, white is the best partner of blue, the combination of the two itself is a classic of the classics, will give people a very refreshing and neat feeling, white belongs to the basic color, but also plays a very good role in reconciliation.

The blogger is matched with a white low-cut underwear, its slimness is relatively strong, and the chest is integrated into the design of the V-neck, so it can not only expose a small part of the skin to show fashion, but also play a role in extending the neck line and sharpening the face shape, suitable for mature eyebrows.

The bottom is matched with a pair of white straight-leg cropped pants, even if you look at this item alone, it is worth buying, because it has a good modification effect on the legs, not only shows the legs thin, but also looks very refreshing and neat, if you are afraid of freezing your feet, you can match a pair of boots, so that your ankles will not be exposed.

The next to share is a light beige coat, for you in front of the screen, if you want to choose a white coat in winter, you may wish to try a warm white style, after all, the cold wind in winter, too white coat will give people a pale and cold feeling, but warm white will visually heat up.

When choosing the underwear, the blogger integrated the “light and dark intertwined” matching method, choosing a brown coffee sweater cardigan, so that it can contrast with the light beige coat, creating a contrasting sense of sight, but not making people feel abrupt, but very harmonious, after all, they are closer to earth colors.

This coat is cleverly integrated into the hooded style, which can enhance the shape of this coat to a certain extent, especially suitable for concave styling, when you feel that the weather is cold, you can wear the sweater, so that the wind protection will also be improved.

If you are a more mature big woman, then you should like the following camel coat, this color is a classic in the earth color, and the coat is a perfect match, especially suitable for mature lady, even if you are 40+, wear it can still show charm.

It is also the color that everyone chooses the most in winter, inclusive, mature and stable and versatile, easy to wear a full texture and high-grade sense, for us ordinary people also has a strong reference significance.

Autumn and winter simple wool double-sided coat, the material of wool is thicker and warmer, the shape is wide and stylish, does not press the height, and the upper body is more capable and intellectually neat. Super good temperament.

Solid color loose suit collar jacket, choose this suit collar design, you can show off the inside of the inside, add a sense of free and gentle and fashionable atmosphere, choose some color contrast inside, more impactful, temperament more prominent.

Usually as a daily casual wear, choose knitwear and skirts as the inside, more gentle, if it is worn as a workplace outfit, then you can choose knitwear and suit pants, neat and warm and warm, will not produce too much sense of sharpness.

The design of this coat on the blogger is more unique, it integrates irregular cuts into the neckline, and the cross-covering design of the fabric looks like a small cloak, which can cover the skin of the blogger’s neck well, playing a very warm role, and greatly improving the overall design, especially suitable for slightly fat eyebrows.

The fashion sense of this coat is already very strong, so everyone can match the basic color of the underwear, white undershirt + black straight pants are not tired of wearing, everything is fashionable, the most important thing is not to seize the main and steal the limelight of the coat.

For women who pursue “buying fine and not buying more”, it is recommended that you try black or navy blue coats, both of which are more classic and atmospheric colors, although they look deep, but white, thin, suitable for a wide range of people.

If you feel that this does not look fashionable, then you can match the same color, a little more print design underwear, so that it can echo the dark coat, which can not only enhance the overall coordination, but also enrich everyone’s visual effect, how to wear it will not go wrong, it is worth learning.

The above few cashmere coats shared for you are very suitable for you, if you are interested, go and buy a few more, can accompany you for many years, and will not be outdated, too fashionable.

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