A lot

Type men know where the “crux” of their summer style is, that is, compared with autumn and winter, summer does not have too many obvious hierarchies, and it will look much more monotonous.

Smart men will naturally know how to treat the problem.

Since the clothes on the body can’t add layers, then I start with accessories, which can also achieve the role of improving the details of the layer

Among them,

Cap model

It is undoubtedly the best to get started, and at the same time, the effect is also the best link, which will not increase the heat on the body, but also can be clear at a glance and easy to notice.

For hat ornaments, to be honest, Ye Zi feels that domestic men will not be too receptive to this:

First, most people don’t think specifically about it as a matching piece of the look.

Second, even if someone is a cap controller, they may wear it all baseball cap type.

Of course, Yezi does not say that baseball caps are bad, some people just love it, which is understandable, and we have introduced it before.

But accustomed to it, it may already be difficult to give much novelty to the shape.

In addition, wearing a baseball cap in the summer heat is not easy, it is very wrapped, and it is easy to make your scalp feel stuffy.

In this case, it is better to wear a refreshing top, so that “shading” and “shape” are not wrong, and hats that can take into account both are quietly popular

Wide-brimmed hat

The wide-brimmed hat is actually a hat with a brim looking around, and we often say fisherman hats, (gentleman) top hats, (Panamanians) straw hats, etc., which all belong to this category.

New styles such as the so-called “bucket hat” have also been developed.

But the new hat is different from the bucket hat in our traditional understanding, its crown is not pointed, and it is similar to the fisherman’s hat as a whole, but it has become deeper and the brim has become wider.

The rise of this wide-brimmed hat is closely related to the popularity of the current retro trend and the popularity of the Urban Outdoor style.

In the Spring/Summer 2020 menswear collection, including Fendi, Jacquemus and many other brands, a variety of wide-brimmed hats can be found everywhere, which depict an idyllic scenery of man and nature, making people want to feel the relaxed and relaxed leisure.

Today’s popular wide-brimmed hat models are more with a relaxed and realistic stylism.

At the same time, it is practical and has a strong concept, allowing people to see the full outdoor atmosphere on its body at a glance, as if no matter what kind of styling style, as long as you wear such a hat, you can walk out of the fresh silhouette close to nature.

This time, wear something different

Compared with the usual sporty baseball caps, wide-brimmed hats should be superior in style practicality.

First of all, because the brim of the wide-brimmed hat is wider, its blocking effect is more outstanding, although it cannot be used as a professional shading tool under the scorching sun, but for those dashing men who do not want to carry umbrellas, the wide-brimmed hat is enough for them to cope with the “toxic zone” of the sun at a certain distance.

Secondly, the loose crown also makes it much more refreshing and breathable when worn.

Moreover, because the area is more spacious, the wide-brimmed hat can be a good solution to our summer styling troubles.

When worn, it can exist as a good modeling structure, eye-catching and three-dimensional, and enhance the overall completion of the model

, not monotonous, not easy to appear dull.

Maybe some people here think that wide-brimmed hats are not easy to wear and are not suitable for Asians.

In fact, this is not the case, here is about the wearing principle of a hat.

A key to whether a hat is good to wear is to see its structure asymmetrical.

Symmetrical hats are generally “good”, while non-symmetrical hats will test the wearer’s head shape and face shape, such as berets, and few people can wear them well.

Obviously, the structure of the wide-brimmed cap is generally symmetrical, so its wearability is not much inferior to that of a baseball cap.

The most typical representative is the famous Asian trend Icon Xiaomuji Shi, his face shape and body shape are not dominant, but he can control a variety of wide-brimmed hat styles from straw hats to top hats, etc., and even become a personal style label.

Therefore, don’t find reasons for everything from the ethnicity, that will only shackle yourself and make your style boring.

Not only that, in our “TOPMEN” circle, there are also many friends who can interpret wide-brimmed hats outstandingly.

The blessing of a wide-brimmed hat raises the original styling foundation to a higher image level, and the more refined sense makes the style more charming, not the leaves “boasting”, in terms of the matching of hats, they are not much worse than other models.

Of course, the wearing of wide-brimmed hats also follows certain face shape guidelines:

If you

Big face, big head

, It is best to choose a wide-brimmed hat with a wider brim, and the brim is also best to hang down, or have a certain curved change, which is conducive to the modification of the face shape in place.


Round face type

The best thing to do is to choose a flat-topped wide-brimmed hat.

In contrast,

National character face

Diamond-shaped face

These face shapes, because the facial angles are more prominent, are more suitable for the wide brimmed hat of the dome, which can play a soft modification of the facial contour and is no longer hard.

To the specific style collocation:

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest functions of the wide-brimmed hat in the summer style is that it exists as a striking structure, which can better help enhance the layered details of simple and light shapes.

This effect is more prominent than other hats, or other accessories.

For example, a simple T-shirt look, many times does not look “full” enough, always makes people feel that they lack shortcomings, and they can’t say that they are brilliant.

With a wide-brimmed hat, its layered vision is relatively “redundant”, not so ordinary, not so lacking, and the wide hat and simple T-shirt will echo each other, and the feeling of ease and neatness will be even greater.

One key point we also need to know is:

Although they are both wide-brimmed hats, the fisherman’s hat (bucket hat) and straw hat, as well as the top hat, are different in style

If T-shirt Look wears a fisherman hat, and the bucket hat reflects a relaxed outdoor trend style, then the T-shirt + straw hat is full of relaxing and fresh atmosphere, more simple and soft.

Compared to T-shirts, Yezi believes that when paired with wide-brimmed hats, what should not be missed is another summer staple, the shirt.

Solid color shirts, Cuban collar shirts, Hawaiian shirts, long and short shirts, etc.,

Different shirt styles with wide-brimmed hats will present different style feelings. And the same shirt, when paired with different types of wide-brimmed hats, its effect advantages will be different

This is the style experience that a hat can bring you, which is ever-changing and enjoyable.

Like the most irritating Hawaiian shirt in summer.

When you match it with a fisherman hat or bucket hat, in addition to being fancy, the style will have a touch of new and trendy fashion; And when replaced with a straw hat, it looks a little more retro and romantic; On top hats, the coquettish Hawaiian shirt is full of yuppie gentleman’s playfulness.

Similarly, there are simpler Cuban collared shirts.

The straw hat is actually a great weapon with a Cuban collar shirt, because there is no cluster of patterns, the straw hat and the open collar together have a more elegant classical character.

If you don’t want to be so “old”, you can change into a certain wide-brimmed fisherman’s hat and a Cuban collared shirt to reconcile, and the retro feeling will be transformed into a trendy youth.

In addition to the simple sense of gentlemanhood, the gentleman’s top hat is also very practical.

If you are a loyal retro fan, then a pair of heavy jeans, choose a pair of suede shoes, the texture can correspond to the hat, you can easily wear the American Vintage-like style in the summer heat.

For the white shirt controller in summer, Leaf will suggest that you use a wide-brimmed hat to create a minimalist style.

A white shirt, a pair of clean trousers, and an optional wide-brimmed hat in a solid color can easily create a minimalist look, with multiple layers highlighting the clean and comfortable clean atmosphere.

In fact, the existence of wide-brimmed hats is key here, and with its structure, your impression of style minimalism is particularly distinct. Otherwise, without the structural blessing of the wide-brimmed hat, it can only be regarded as simple to wear, and the minimalist feeling is not strong enough.

People who don’t want to be bound by long clothes and trousers may also wish to add a long coat and shorts styling choice.

The shape of “long on top and short on bottom” itself is a very structural silhouette, and at this time, a certain wide hat is used to consolidate the flowing and dashing silhouette of the upper body, which not only has a high degree of style completion, but also helps you stand out in the crowd.

Well, the above is the wide hat introduced by Leaf in this issue.

Wearing baseball caps that are accustomed to a sporty atmosphere, different types of wide-brimmed hats can be added to better harmonize our style tastes, so that the summer look, which is already simple enough, will not become more monotonous and fixed.