How to wear warm and fashionable in the late autumn of the cold and hot, knitted skirts whether worn alone or inside are a very good choice, compared to the single matching of pants, feminine dresses make this winter fashionable and warm, knitted dresses are very thin and tall items, simple matching can be easily worn good-looking.

Fake two early autumn elegant knitted dresses, fake two designs, half-height crewneck design, slender neck, stylish versatile bow belt, with beret vintage elegance.

Goddess Fan Qiudong elegant temperament sweater dress, fashion round neck design, super slim belt, regular knitted long sleeves, elegant woman panels pleated skirt, flowing and feminine.

Simple and comfortable knitted dresses are not out of style in any season, especially when the transition from late autumn to early winter, a versatile knitted dress can also allow you to switch between different outfits.

Autumn and winter French vintage red knitted dress set, suspender style, jacket is loose balloon sleeves to cover the flesh and thin, inside is a V-neck sleeveless dress, fashionable and versatile two-piece set, looking cool and warm, knee-length skirt, plus leggings, can also be worn in early winter.

Diamond-shaped checked sweater dress, autumn and winter bottom single can be Korean version versatile, skirt split design, highlight feminine charm, net red Hong Kong taste slim fit, who wears who looks good, classic round neck design, sweet temperament, over-the-knee skirt design, with French girly feeling.

Hong Kong style fishtail dress, showing the loose temperament, the belt design is slim and thin, the fashion personality is elegant, the soft and furry fabric is very warm, and the winter outside with a coat, windbreaker are very fashionable.

Elegant fairy skin tone dress, knitted panels at the cuff neckline, a skirt that can be underpinned with a coat, an over-the-knee skirt design, and an elegant chiffon pleated skirt panel design, a dress that is very temperamental and super attractive to the opposite sex.

This year’s particularly popular contrast split skirt, patchwork chiffon skirt, the overall upper body effect is exquisite and special, very attractive, plus apricot skirt and split design, is a popular element of the season, no need to dress up can look gentle girl.

Autumn and winter royal sister style elegant home two-piece dress, layered is the most fashionable to show the ability to wear, single-breasted button and V-neck design, super thin, over-the-knee split skirt, show off the leg length.

Elegant knitted skirt two-piece, lantern long sleeves to reduce age and retro, elegant bow tied belt that can be adjusted according to body shape, chiffon and mesh fake two-piece design highlights the curves of the body and raises the charm to another level.

In recent years, oversize has become popular, loose mid-length knitted skirts, most suitable for covering flesh, exposing legs, and showing leg length, no matter what body shape and height can be easily controlled, bright colors make this autumn and winter not dull and monotonous.

How to wear a regular dress with a regular fit, if it is used as an underwear, tie a belt, match the belt, bags and accessories according to the color of the skirt, and if the color is bright, the jacket will be more layered with the basic color.

The soft knitted dress is very temperamental to wear, the temperament exudes casual laziness, the knitted fabric itself has a very elasticity, so the inclusiveness of the body is very strong, the knitted skirt hem pleated design, fashionable and elegant, autumn wear beautiful fried.