Fashionable and thin one-piece warm tights make your legs look more slender, the unique pressure design is slim and thin, making the flesh of your little belly flat, and can also tuck in and lift your buttocks, allowing you to have a charming hip curve.

This is a very surprising fleece sock, not bloated, showing thin legs! The thickness is just right, plus micro-pressure design, both temperature and demeanor! Highlights: silky short pile + micro-pressure slimming + high-density anti-pilling + thin fine lines + foreign hemp color, specially made the fluff very short and dense, silky close to the legs, heat storage and wind protection, the outer layer is made of high-density matte velvet, non-reflective, wear-resistant and anti-pilling, the soles of the feet are thin and not piled, the ankles are very fitted, and it is very convenient to match single shoes!

Fleece thickened micro-pressed, matte vertical lines! Upgrade the new sewing process, add new colors, there are pantyhose and foot socks, subvert the traditional cotton socks process, the soft cotton and high elastic velvet fused, the inner layer added warm down down, suitable for autumn and winter, not super thick, but very warm!

The long-awaited gold cotton thick socks, micro-pressure slimming stripe model, the fleece can also be so thin! This 1200D is the masterpiece of this winter, and its comfort is beyond imagination. It took a year of brewing to present it in front of everyone, and the new color we customized was too beautiful! Highly recommended winter model, highlights: comfortable gold cotton + micro-pressure slimming + warm thick pile + thin lines.

Winter thickened cold insulation and pile leggings, gold cotton 1200D super beautiful color, micro pressure is very thin, the inner layer of fluff is soft and warm and warm, slim and thin elasticity is excellent, there are two types of socks and stepping feet, winter can be a winter!

Many MMs have such worries in the cold winter Want to wear warm but fat, this pantyhose can solve this big problem for you! The delicate lint inner layer is soft and warm, and it is particularly pleasant to the touch And this one is wrapped in pressure, vertical stripes, flattering the leg shape! Keep warm and look thin!

Thickened classic plain 1000D, this year we have done a lot of new upgrades, this is the third generation, the fabric is denser and resistant to pilling, the whole with micro pressure, the ankle part design is more suitable! The lint inside is neat and shiny, the short pile is closer to the legs, the fluff is very dense, windproof and heat storage and warmth!

The inner layer is imitation mink flury, unlike some models on the market that are messy and thin ~ warm and comfortable. The outer layer is high-density velvet, which feels smooth to the touch, and the warmth and wind protection are even better. The feet are not piled, and the shoes are beautiful.

The thickened version of striped pantyhose is more suitable for winter wear, the fluff is thicker and warmer, the vertical stripe design is very thin, and the colors are designed with classic versatility! Warm leggings that must be used for the winter!

Such close-fitting leggings are always available for every girl In winter, it is very good to match a short skirt or small shorts Not only to keep warm from the cold, but also to modify the leg shape Classic black, fresh white, low-key flesh color, luxurious gray Whether it is a foot model or a stocking model is very able to support the overall temperament, the tight style makes the legs look slender and feminine, and does not need too much embellishment to concave the fashion shape.

Southern MM can survive the winter, the outer layer is segmented micro-pressed velvet, high-density weaving is not easy to pill, the surface is high-grade velvet weaving, very thin, even feet and feet two styles.