Why do many times French girls always look particularly tasteful?

Have you found that these girls are decorating their outfits with a secret weapon?

That’s right, it’s a beautiful and versatile scarf!

Silk scarves that can adapt to various styles can become a spokesperson for their personal image as long as they are added to taste and skill.

Today, let’s follow the footage of street photographer Phil Oh to see how French women dressed themselves up with silk scarves at Paris Fashion Week, which ended last month!


Classic stacking

Wrap a silk scarf around your neck,

It is the favorite way for French girls to wear it,

It is also not the most provocative system.

This method is also very suitable for Asian girls.

It’s just that the summer is hot,

You can save the trouble of winding around the neck,

Knot directly in front,

It looks good and can avoid the intrusion of the cool air of the air-conditioned room.

Korean blogger Elborn likes to use this method.

Decorate your daily travel.

The color of the scarf she chose is more elegant,

often earthy tones,

There is a sense of intellectual atmosphere.

Neutral scarves will be particularly popular this year,

Whether it’s a trendy city girl,

Or a new career new out of school,

You can learn from Elborn.

You can also choose a brighter color,

Carefully hide inside the collar of the blouse.

Only a little embellishment is exposed,

Let casual outfit,

It has a playful and sophisticated feel.


Elegant upper body

Put the scarf on your body,

It’s not a way to wear it invented by bloggers at fashion week.

Toteme, a clothing brand loved by urban women,

It first led to this trend.

The scarf is smooth and breathable,

The high-grade touch is particularly skin-friendly,

There’s no reason not to make it part of your summer outfit.

If it’s still complicated,

You can learn from the Japanese system,

A large square with a beautiful pattern,

Feel free to put it on your shoulders,

Creates an idyllic sense of atmosphere.

Delicate pattern,

Flowing material,

The inner layer that makes the dark thick feeling,

All have souls.


Long silk scarf

Love long scarves,

And not just because of its gentle temperament.

In the bland spring and summer,

A long silk scarf around the neck,

It will add elegance and fun to the outfit.

Summer favorites with suspenders and off-the-shoulder outfits,

Perfect for a long draping silk scarf.

Be bold,

It doesn’t matter whether you tie it in front of you or behind you,

With it, the outfit will no longer be dull.

Silk white shirt that cannot be done without spring and summer,

It also goes well with a long silk scarf.

French girls lazy and casual romance,

This is reflected in the silk scarf that is not tied to it.

Silk scarves for headdresses,

Just simply tie it to a ponytail,

It’s already very romantic.

Tiny blogger Caroline Daur,

Previously, a set of silk scarves and hair dressing brushes exploded in fashion week street shoots.

For small children,

It’s also a good idea,

It can have the dashing flow of a long silk scarf,

And will not be suppressed by it height and aura.


Take it at hand

Many times,

Silk scarves can be used as a finishing touch.

You don’t even have to tie it up specifically.

Where to put it,

It makes that place the best place to wear.

Like Elborn,

Hold it over your shoulder,

Or tied to a bag,

All of them are particularly dashing and good-looking.

Don’t stick to the length and form of the scarf,

Use your imagination and creativity,

Let’s take a look at the sky with it!