It should be a hot summer, because the cabin is very hot after the air conditioning is turned off, why turn off the air conditioning? Because we took a very strange flight. The name of the airline, origin and stopover is omitted below.

Statement: The process of flight delays and dumping passengers

About a few years ago, in the middle of summer, from East China G City to Haikou, this flight is through Central China W City, the normal take-off time is 18:00, waiting at G City Airport for about 2 hours, notify the flight due to the weather ahead, do not fly, and then pull the passengers to the hotel, just arrived at the hotel, according to two people a room divided, suddenly received a notice to prepare to take off, and pulled us back to the airport, and then waited for about 2 hours, finally notified boarding, at this time it was almost 21 o’clock in the evening, from G City finally took off.

When we arrived at W City Airport, the plane stopped steadily, the lights were on, and when I got off the plane in W City, we waited for the plane notification in Haikou, and the passengers who passed the station went down to change their boarding passes, but unlike the routine, there was no notice, just when everyone was talking about it in the seat, I suddenly saw the captain, co-captain and a few flight attendants carrying boxes through the aisle to get off the plane! We were confused, we haven’t seen the captain go directly, quickly asked, the captain stood in the aisle to explain, roughly means, he flew time over, according to the regulations can no longer fly, G City Airport did not notify you only to W City? Passengers preparing to board in W City have informed them that they are flying tomorrow. After the captain finished speaking, he continued to get off the plane, and a car picked them up across the tarmac and left.

That’s not all the 30 or so passengers left on the plane know! What if no one is notified? At this moment, someone came up to inform us, please get off the plane and fly to Hainan tomorrow!

Flight delays

A team of four, one of whom is a trainee lawyer

One stone stirs up a thousand waves! Catch this plane to Hainan, some have gone public, some have booked a hotel, some have gone to retirement, some have made an appointment to sell the house the next day, everyone has something, so the crowd is angry, bang, and quarrel! The point is that they were not notified before takeoff at all, only to fly to the city of W! If so, they would rather choose another flight in G City! Moreover, the practice of dumping them directly to W City and then notifying them is obviously subjective malice. In the noise, there were three passengers in the plane, their terminology was very professional, they should be people who had a close relationship with the airline, or were familiar with the operation of the airline, so they were unanimously elected as the people who negotiated with the airline, and another person who appeared to be a trainee lawyer began to take the initiative to collect everyone’s appeals, hereinafter referred to as the four-person group.

According to their guess:

It should be that the airport in the city of departure G already knew that we could not fly, but they did not want to accept us, so they dumped us in W city. The captain is right, according to the regulations, the captain’s flight time is indeed limited

The process of stalemate is divided into three stages

Persuade to leave

On a small leader (I don’t know if it’s the airline or W City Airport), with a few flight attendants one by one persuaded us to get off the plane, there are less than 30 passengers left, at this time the four-person team stood up and organized, so that everyone did not get off the plane, must let the airline give an explanation, if you arrive at the hotel, there is no right to speak. One old lady was persuaded by a flight attendant to get off the plane, and the others did not. That little leader, has been letting everyone off the plane, tomorrow to fly, some passengers are very anxious, must fly today, the trio video the whole process, at this time a trainee lawyer came out, collect everyone’s opinions, the small leader could not solve the problem, got off the plane and left.

The first stage is over, and it is already 23:00 in the evening.

We asked to fly that night, but the arrogant son finally intensified the conflict!

After about 1 hour, another middle-aged man came up to listen to everyone’s opinions separately, so the foursome expressed their opinions and asked to fly tonight, because there was something to do. The middle-aged man made a few phone calls at the hatch, and then said to discuss with the leader, let everyone wait for news, and then got off the plane, this time he returned quickly, but with a young man in his 30s, very arrogant. This person came up without anyone looking, loudly training flight attendants, what’s going on?! Yes?! Why haven’t these people disembarked yet! Then just stand in front, point at everyone, and yell at us! The expression is very unprofessional, first, you must get off the plane immediately! You guys are preempting planes, it’s a crime! Second, there is no flight to Hainan today, and you can’t leave if you want to!

The “temperament” of this young man completely infuriated everyone! The foursome stood up and coaxed him, and the lawyer brought out the regulations to reason with him! This man finally became angry and pointed at us, you wait! Wait for the police to grab you! Then rushed off the plane, then got on three airport police, but did not enter the cabin, stood at the hatch for a while, got off the plane again, and there was a police car on the tarmac. At this time, the foursome said to the remaining middle-aged man, we now demand full compensation! Send us to Hainan again!

Some in the foursome said that this young man was the son of some airline leader! I will call him Gongzi below. (Not sure exactly how they know because they’ve been messaging outside).

At this time, it was already midnight, everyone set up a WeChat group, the eldest sister on the plane who was going to sign the contract the next day was anxious, she must go, and a mother and daughter said, I’m sorry, I really can’t sleep here, otherwise I insisted with everyone, a total of three people. The rest of the people just stuck to their seats.

The airline including the ground personnel also disembarked, and then the electricity on the plane was cut off, the air conditioning was gone, W City in July, how hot it was!

Aircraft on a night runway

Everyone fell asleep in their seats, hungry and thirsty, and the foursome said that the food on the plane could be eaten and drunk, which was originally provided to passengers, but there were only small packages of green beans and bottled water on the plane.

At this point, we clarified several requirements:

First, if you are hungry, you can eat the things and water on the plane, because that is what is provided to passengers, but you cannot move other things, do not try to go anywhere else except the cabin; Second, when it is hot, you can breathe in the cabin (the cabin door is always open), but you can’t go down the gangway, that is, you can’t go to the tarmac.

Tarmac at night

Airport at night

I slept all night on the plane, and no one showed up again

During the lawyer, the middle-aged man was called to ask them to take care of the passenger’s life and property. It was almost 3 a.m., and finally someone came up, turned on the plane’s electricity, turned on the air conditioning, and at 8 a.m. the next day, no one came up, and a lone plane with nearly thirty passengers on it was dumped on the runway of W City. At about 8 o’clock, the foursome called the leader again and asked them to provide meals, and the meals were delivered. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and there were disposable brushes.

At 9 a.m., a new leader came up with the son to solve the problem. The foursome we recommended made it clear that they would let that son go down! Don’t talk to him! He disrespects travelers and threatens them! Never talk to him! After this prince went down, he never appeared again.

Night in the cabin

Solution: Our condition is to fly to Hainan today, apologize to the passengers in person, admit that they maliciously deceived the passengers (this did not appear in the apology in the end), and fully compensate,

The leader went out and made a phone call, agreed to our request, and asked us for a bank account number

Claim cash compensation

, I don’t know how they know the airline so well, they said that if they hit the account, there will be a lot of trouble, and the money may not arrive on time, and it will be difficult to protect rights after the plane. The final agreement was reached, after an hour, two people with cash bags, according to the passenger list one by one, read a written apology before the distribution, everyone was recording with mobile phones, and then got off the plane to W City Airport, it was already noon, probably waited for a long time, when I flew I forgot, anyway, it was about 21 o’clock in the evening when I arrived in Haikou, the high-speed train to Sanya could not buy tickets, and the car shared with others went to Sanya, from 21 o’clock on the first night, to more than 21 o’clock the next night, nearly 50 hours.

Aircraft delays

This group has been around for a long time, and the people who got off the plane before said in the WeChat group that they were not compensated. This is a very strange journey, I have not encountered it before, I have not heard anyone say it, and I still can’t figure it out, who caused such a strange flight? Why do airlines? The reason for the airport? Or the reason for the airports of the two cities?

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