As we all know, hypertension is the most common chronic disease and the most important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Hypertensive patients need to monitor blood pressure anytime, anywhere, so people with hypertension must always have an electronic blood pressure monitor at home. At present, Haier upper arm BSX582 household electronic blood pressure monitor is on sale on, and the current price is 179 yuan.

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Haier upper arm household electronic blood pressure monitor adopts one-key operation design, as long as you press lightly, you can open the automatic pressure detection, there are no complicated steps, so that elderly users can easily grasp the use method. The real voice broadcast is combined with a 3.5-inch sky blue high-definition backlit screen, the information transmission is more accurate, and the large font design is more convenient for elderly users to understand the information.

This electronic blood pressure monitor also adopts high-storage numerical memory, which can provide memory storage of 198 times for two people, and record the data of two parents at the same time, which is conducive to children studying the blood pressure changes of parents without confusion. The WHO blood pressure segment display is also used, from ideal to weight and height six levels, even if you do not understand the blood pressure monitor, you can grasp the blood pressure status of parents at a glance.

The high pressure warning function can be used to voice announce reminders when the user measures high pressure greater than 140mmHg or when measuring low pressure greater than 90mmHg, allowing users to grasp changes in blood pressure at any time. When problems such as irregular heart rhythm occur during measurement, the icons on the display will start beating with voice prompts, which is more convenient and intelligent.

In any case, health status is the most concerned issue for everyone, and in the increasing number of people with high blood pressure and getting younger and younger, it is definitely a good choice to have a Haier upper arm BSX582 home electronic blood pressure monitor at home.

Edited by Wang Chen