There are too many melons in domestic entertainment this year, and to put it bluntly, it’s all that crotch thing.

Food color is also, stars are also people, there are also needs in that aspect, some people’s needs are still very fierce, at every turn


(whining), at every turn

“Out of control”

, the demand cannot be ignored.

As a radiant star, there are always many die-hard fans, and some fanatical fans are even willing to give their own promises, just waiting to enter the door. And the star at this time, if there is exactly a need in this regard, as long as the trouser belt is loosened, there must be a group of people to pounce on the body, and there is no need to move it at all…

This is also the most testing time for artists, if you let the fire rage and can’t control the crotch, then the danger will come.

Today, let’s talk about whether celebrities can get physical satisfaction from fans?

To put it bluntly, this is called X powder.

Can it? I can’t see it, celebrities, as public figures, want to meet the needs of that aspect, there are too many pits!

After all, as soon as the pants are taken off, the water falls, whether it is a sign or a stick, and you will know as soon as you walk, even if you are full of shouts

“Mine is big, you bear with me

“, often it is difficult to escape the fate of toothpicks, which really damages the majestic image of idols.

If the ability in that area is not enough, it is easy to laugh generously, one second may still be an idol, the next second is likely to become a joke.

Remember the rock singer who slept with Kiko back then? It took the boss to work hard to engage in rock, and he was a little famous, but as soon as the crotch of his pants was loosened, it was because of a blog post by Mu Zimei “One.”


Fame” The world knows, and the most talked-about thing is the sentence in the blog post

“You’re not well.”


Celebrities must confidently untie their crotches, and they really have “idol baggage”

, If there is no strength and level like Ximen official, it is really strange and embarrassing. Especially if you encounter someone as raw as Mu Zimei, it will be a nightmare for a lifetime. The other party’s sentence “no”, not very harmful, but extremely insulting, even if he didn’t let that thing half fail, he basically declared “social death”…

Therefore, Wu Ji specifically looks for those little girls who have never seen the “world”, and there is no harm without comparison.

These are only the few minutes of exercise in bed, and the real test of the star is when there is no exercise under the bed.

How to get fans into bed, this is also a technical job. The general routine is to pour wine first, the wine is in place, the atmosphere is also in place, and often half push and half things become things. If you meet a wine master, you have to consider drugs and the like…

With great effort, I finally played Tetris, but how to end up is a big problem.

One moment ago, it was to let others satisfy your desires; The next moment is that you have to find ways to satisfy other people’s desires.

The first problem is the problem of “cleaning up the battlefield”

。 As long as the battlefield is not cleaned up and evidence of the crime is left, it will be troublesome. For example, the “sexual assault case” that occurred in an Internet company a while ago, a set made the perpetrator extremely passive…

Edison Chen played performance art back then, and although the photography technology was good, the computer sometimes could not bear it, and it was easy to have problems. Since he taught the entertainment industry a lesson, who dares to play the art of photography, and who dares to leave evidence?

Of course, nowadays stars are getting smarter, especially those masters, not only will they grasp it firmly

Home field advantage

, and will always deal with the scene of the crime cleanly, leaving no traces.

The second difficulty is how to describe the unspeakable

。 When the other party wakes up, the big stars tend to put on a scene, ah… How are you in my bed… Oh…… It must have been last night…


It’s “can’t help it”, the point is that you and I will!

At this time, fans who have been slept, even if they have 10,000 question marks in their hearts, but share a bed with their beloved idols, meet each other honestly, and are “brainwashed” by sweet words, if they say that they are not willing, it seems a little out of place. Therefore, no matter how big a star is, at this time, the acting skills must be good enough, the mouth must be sweet enough, and the lick must be licked…

After successful brainwashing and mastering the right to speak, you can avoid “calling the police” on the spot, but there are also endless troubles.

The third problem is throwing money.

Sending red envelopes, sending bags, etc. like a certain maple or a certain signature is a routine operation, anyway, to do what it likes, the other party’s requirements should be met as much as possible, even if the other party does not make a request, but also find a way to make the other party meet for a while, in order to “good fit and scatter”.

Of course, spending a little money for a while to let the other party go out happily, this is not too difficult, the difficult thing is how to ensure that people do not go against the water.

One of the hardest questions is how to keep your distance in the future.

Sometimes, after a night of coolness, the big stars want to say goodbye to the fans who have slept with them. But bye bye is also the most difficult, too blunt obviously does not work, otherwise it is extremely easy to reverse the water, the nature of the matter becomes “rape” …

Therefore, they tend to be duplicitous, even if it is a matter of one night, they must pretend to be “one day ‘husband and wife’ hundred days of grace”, continue to talk sweetly, coax each other to be happy, maintain it with emotional cards, and so on in all aspects of the evidence ah over time, after disappearing into silence, and then “cold treatment”…

But the most difficult thing is how to grasp the problem of this degree. Of course, as a master of the love scene, at this time, not only must you use the emotional card to maintain this ambiguous relationship, but also not to be honest. In any case, you can’t leave traces that you can prove that you “did”, let alone admit that there is such a thing…

If there is no true feeling, it is necessary to keep an appropriate distance, let the fans gradually cool down, and the old hanging each other will definitely have an accident. This requires “cold treatment”, which disappears for a while at every turn, anyway, excuse yourself to be busy …

But it is not necessarily safe, after a certain signature “cold treatment” again and again, the sequelae are quite serious, and the movement is not small.

I’m so tired, this…

Of course, the most crucial question is, how good is the capital behind it?

Even if you are an absolute master, there are always times when the horse loses its front hoof, especially on the net, it is true

“Out of control”

Finish. After the iron rod was sharpened into a needle, the horse’s feet were still exposed, and there was a storm after another. A certain Xiang of iron kidney, even if the multi-person sports level is first-class, is it not a disgrace?

If people do not know what they can do and do it, they must have the ability to bear it. If something happens, go on the Internet, and finally you can only fight for capital, if the capital behind you feels that you are good enough, they will naturally come out to public relations for you; If it’s not enough, it’s over…

No matter how good the public relations are, sometimes, you have to bow your head and admit your mistakes. Of course, it takes strength to admit mistakes, for example,

“I was wrong, I made the same mistake that men all over the world make”

The one, if placed today, is absolutely cool …

Today, no matter how strong the capital is, it is impossible to help the increasingly powerful melon-eating masses

Sunrise masses

, after all, the eyes of the masses are snowy, the masses are still the creators of history, as long as they “lose their morality”, anyone will inevitably become a “bad artist” hated by the masses, and the end will be miserable …

Therefore, stars have to solve physiological problems, they can’t X powder, let alone play with fans, this is a huge minefield, a dead end! Step by step is a pit, step by step is scary, step by step, the last cannon fodder must be yourself.

To solve the problem, it is also possible, learn the “Tang Monk” Chi Chongrui, fall in love, talk about marriage and marriage, and hang firmly on the tree of Chen Lihua, how comfortable and happy!

In summary, celebrities solve physiological needs, and X powder is obviously not desirable. So, in order to solve the physiological needs, go to the relationship, is it okay? Pay attention to Wan Xiaodao, and talk about “How Celebrities Solve the “Love” of Physiological Needs in the next issue.

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