Lucky dress up and colors of 12 zodiac signs.

Here’s an introduction to fashion, makeup, accessories, nail art, and more that will inspire your personality.

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Libra (born September 23 ~ October 23)

The lucky color of Libra is beige.

Seasonal fashionable outfits will suit you.

Pencil skirts and long skirts will highlight your femininity.

Accessories such as belts will make you more attractive.

The bow theme, which is easy to become childish, can also be used as an embellishment to create a sense of cuteness for adults.

Scorpio (born October 24~November 21)

The lucky colors of Scorpio are burgundy and black.

Knitted dresses and anxie-length dresses accentuate the mysterious charm.

Scorpio women, even if they are dignified and sexy, are suitable.

Fashion that is moderate but shows off your curves will be beautiful.

Use red lipstick effectively when applying makeup.

The manicur is also based on purple, and slightly darker things such as black lace are more attractive.

Sagittarius (born November 22~December 21)

Turquoise blue and purple are the lucky colors of Sagittarius.

Skinny jeans and boots look good on you, perfect for boyish and lively matching.

Jewelry should be made with a silver ring or a presence bracelet to give a sense of impact.

Plus, the horseshoe pattern is a powerful luck item for Sagittarius.

When it comes to makeup, the focus is on shading the face to make it look three-dimensional, rather than just applying natural colors.

It is better to use simple blue for nail art.

Capricorn (born December 22 ~ January 19)

The lucky colors of Capricorn are brown and earthy colors such as khaki and gray.

Clean fashion such as suits can be lucky, and it is also a better choice to wear a jacket when going out.

Antique clothing and accessories also bring out the modesty of Capricorn.

As for accessories, it is important to be subtle and not detached.

Thin rings and small earrings are good choices.

Nail art should choose an elegant nude color.

A small stone on the tip of a fingernail will look beautiful.

Aquarius (born January 20~February 18)

The lucky colors of Aquarius are emerald green and neon.

Fashion can be extremely personal, or it can be completely uncaring… In any case, it should be extreme.

There may be a feeling of “hating wearing the same clothes as everyone else”.

For such an Aquarius, it is better to wear what you like, in a way that you like.

This is the key to luck.

Unique handmade ornaments and geometric patterns will inspire Aquarius originality.

Pisces (born February 19 ~ March 20)

The lucky color of Pisces is blue.

Girly cute fashion can take Pisces’ inner softness a step further.

Jewelry is better with mysterious bracelets and cross patterns made of natural stone.

Foot accessories and stylish footwear are the keys to good luck.

As for makeup, applying blush to your cheeks and gloss to your lips will make your personality stand out even more.

Long hair or a fluffy, wavy hairstyle will calm you down better than short hair.

Change your mood and make yourself happy!

What you dress and dress up will change your mood.

Lucky colors, lucky items.

Found your favorite?