Mother Beard is making a handicraft

Handmade by Mother Mane

Chengdu native 鬏鬏 [jiū] mother has a pair of magic hands, and soft pottery handicrafts smaller than a coin were born from her hands: there are mouth-watering Sichuan-style snacks, such as dan dan noodles, bell dumplings, lai tangyuan, egg cakes, sugar and oil fruits; There are small and cute animals, squirrels, foxes, cats, rabbits; There are fresh and attractive fruits and vegetables, green pea horns, golden potatoes and cauliflower with red spots.

What the mane mom does is called

Food play

, originated in Japan. In fact, the mustache mother and her own creations have greatly expanded the scope of food and play, no longer limited to food.

This time, come and see the big world created by Mother Beard in her small handiwork.

Sichuan snacks made by Mother Mane

Small crafts create big worlds

Chengdu mom DIY thousands of miniatures

On July 23, in less than three hours, the mini version of ice powder made by Mother Mane was completed. The day before, at the suggestion of netizens, Mother Huanhu began to try to make a handmade version of brown sugar dumpling ice powder. Small rice balls, hawthorn, taro balls, watermelon, dumplings, crushed peanuts, diced mangoes, mashes… The ingredients are complete, and with a cup of bright crystal ice powder of about 1 cm, it is beautiful and delicious.

Mother Beard is a handicraft enthusiast who has always loved to make things by hand. I’ve done phone cases and beaded toys. In 2013, Mother Huan came into contact with food play. Food toys originated in Japan, and were originally toys with food, but they slowly became popular because they were well-behaved and cute. The use of soft pottery to make food play, after oven baking, is not afraid of water, has hardness, and is well received by handicraft enthusiasts. To make a set of desserts, Mother Beard said it would take about 2-4 hours.

“I just like these handicrafts, maybe I still see this kind of items on the Internet and feel very well-behaved, and when I get inspired, I start to play tricks, and I do more and more.” Mother Mane recalled. As if obsessed with a demon, Mother Huan’s mother can’t stop at all, except for taking her daughter to and from school, most of the time is handmade in front of the workbench.

From fruits and vegetables to snacks, from animals to plants, from earrings to brooches, from water cups to spoons… Mother Man’s handmade items are becoming more and more elaborate. Since last year, making food and toys has become a full-time job for Mommy Mane, sometimes selling it at the market, sometimes taking children to do experience classes, and sometimes giving it to friends around her.

According to her preliminary estimates, there are more than 100 kinds of soft pottery handicrafts, and the number is thousands.

Ice powder made by Mother Mane

Mother Mane is making

The taste of Chengdu in handmade

Zhongshui dumplings, Lai tangyuan, and sweet water noodles are here

This handmade that originated in Japan has also transformed more Chengdu flavor in Mane Mama. In addition to the common fruits and vegetables, Mama also makes a series of Sichuan snacks.

Sweet noodles dipped in red oil, Lai tangyuan sprinkled with mash, bell dumplings with garlic paste, three cannons filled with brown sugar, egg cakes with a variety of fillings… There are also a variety of flavors of ice powder, wolf tooth potatoes sprinkled with green onions, and roasted gluten, all of which are not as big as a one-dollar coin, but they make people look at it.

Each one is handmade by Mother Mane, and none of them are exactly the same. In order to ensure that the handiwork looks realistic enough, Mother Beard mostly uses pictures to make 2D photos into 3D objects.

Brown sugar ice powder must have bubbles, bell dumplings must have a little red oil on the side of the bowl, and the rice dumplings must have more black and bright brown sugar – Mother Huan said that before making each handicraft, she will think about it. The more realistic the details, the more authentic the finished product.

In addition to being made into ornaments, the mane mother has also been transformed into various daily necessities: earrings for sugar and oil fruits, hairpins for watermelons, refrigerator stickers for omelettes, and mobile phone chains for pea horns.

Loquat made by Mother Beard compared to real loquat (left) (photo courtesy of interviewee)

Comparing eggs made by Mother Mane with real eggs (Photo provided by interviewee)

Zongzi and salted eggs made by the bearded mother (Photo provided by interviewee)

Egg cake made by Mother Beard (Photo provided by interviewee)

Resurrection of childhood memories after the 80s

He also took scripture from Li Jiaqi to make lipstick pendants

In addition to food and animals, Mother Huan also revived many childhood memories belonging to the post-80s generation through handicrafts.

The domestic animation “Snow Child” is a classic memory of every post-80s generation, telling the story of the snow child who fought hard to save the little white rabbit. The bearded mother also resurrected the brown hat and red-nosed snow child with her hands, looking lively and cute.

Also resurrected are the characters from the cartoon “The Story of Avanti”, where the clever Avanti, the loyal little donkey, and the greedy Bayi are all turned into handicrafts.

When making lipstick pendants, in order to ensure the good appearance of lipstick colors, Qiu’s mother also learned from Li Jiaqi, “specifically to see which shades of lipstick Li Jiaqi recommended, and then find the color powder corresponding to the lipstick and buy it back to make color numbers.” ”

“There are so many things I want to make, sometimes I have to go up in the middle of the night to look at the materials and materials. Once you find the trick, you will find the infinite possibilities of creativity. “Mother Mustache said that all she wanted was to keep walking on the road of soft pottery craftsmanship.

Roll paper made by Mother Beard (Photo courtesy of interviewee)

After the small animal brooch made by the bearded mother, there is the word “chengdu”

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