Neon lights contain low-pressure neon gas or other inert gases that pass through tubes with weak DC or alternating current, producing orange-red light.

So what is the neon structure? I believe that many people have questions, today Shenzhen Wanshiteng will answer with you!

The neon structure is as follows:

Neon lights consist of lamps and high-voltage transformers. The lamp tube is composed of a glass tube and an electrode chamber. The electrode chamber consists of electrodes, mica sheets (or porcelain rings), and electrode leads. The glass tube is filled with working gas, and the inner wall of the glass tube is coated with phosphor. There are two types of high-voltage transformers: magnetic leakage transformers and electronic transformers, which are components that ignite neon tubes.

A complete set of neon lights is composed of the following parts: glass tube, electrode head, transformer.

1. Glass tubes are divided into: open tubes and powder tubes.

Open tube: that is, transparent glass tube.

Powder tube: It is coated with various colors of powder in the open tube by the manufacturer, and only mercury is added to vacuum during processing. The diameter of glass tube is mainly 13-14mm, 11-12mm, 9-10mm, 7-8mm, 5-6mm, 3-4mm, and commonly used to make words are 11-12mm, 9-10mm, 7-8mm, 5-6mm.

2. Electrode tip: its composition is made of copper or steel sheet made of small cone, and a copper wire with a diameter of 0.3MM or a high-voltage wire is fixed at the tip. The outer cover is a glass tube with a diameter of 13-14mm. One end is melted with fire and forms a single with the copper wire, and there must be no pores. The other end is used to fix the formed lamp.

(1) Copper wire (0.03mm) or a bundle of high-voltage wire;

(2) Cone (copper or steel sheet);

(3) 13-14mm transparent glass tube;

(4) Insulating and insulating mica sheet, because the cone head is close to the glass wall, it is easy to burn out, and it is separated by mica sheet.

3. Transformer: neon leakage transformer (also known as inductor transformer, iron core transformer).

The characteristics are: good reliability, high brightness of the load lamp, light color, long life;

Electronic transformer (neon power supply)

The characteristics are: light weight, easy to manufacture, saving metal materials. Electronic transformers and specifications are: 40W, 60W, 80W, 100W.

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