Wow! Summer is coming~

Why can girls be remembered in girl groups? I will summarize this brilliant careful machine for you today: necklaces!

What does a necklace do?

A delicate trinket can add a lot to the whole, and no matter how fat or thin, wearing a necklace is a super plus!

Versatile! Versatile! Versatile! Important things said three times, and the necklace also has a magical effect, the long-necked family wears a necklace to show the neck to show the grace, the short-necked star people show the neck is long, isn’t it very magical~

Well, don’t say Choker ~ the hot style of 2018 at first. But this year, I have sorted out a few beautiful necklaces for all the little fairies! Please look down~

1. Colored plastic necklace

It is made of colored plastic beads, do you think of the plastic bead chain that every little girl who loves beauty in childhood~

Mature women + vintage plastic jewelry = natural girly feeling ~

The secret of a beautiful girl in Genki is that simple!

Of course, you can also wear it with a beaded bracelet. It is also very flavorful~

2. Coin necklace

The coin necklace is a must-have necklace for every fashion blogger this year.

Especially when traveling, definitely have it!

Whether it’s paired with a T-shirt or a floral dress, it’s a natural match with a coin necklace!

If you feel that the combination of a thin necklace + a coin is too simple, you can also mix and match pearl necklaces or collarbone chains, which are both handsome and gentle, and can be stacked as you like to make the shape of the necklace more exciting and content.

3. Long line necklace

A necklace with a sense of extension!

Not only does it visually lengthen the neck line, but it also helps weaken the shoulder skeleton and make the whole person look thinner.

The magic of it is that it is extremely thin but very well decorated everywhere, without any exaggerated effect.

Full of feminine embellishments, very suitable for low-key and introverted girls.

A long necklace is definitely worth having. Super sense of existence, restrained and a touch of sexiness~ looks more fashionable.

4. Tassel necklace

As an enduring fashion element, tassels always shine in the pop charts from time to time.

Used to match bohemian style is the most common feature of tassels~

Of course, it is also a careful machine to use as a shield~

Okay~ Are these four necklaces ready to be pocketed?

The girls are just a distance away from this necklace from the exquisite summer!