Holding and groping Yao’an Guanglu Ancient Town, the “Yunxi Station” homestay Zhangjia courtyard has some warm copper locks and buckles, and I can’t help but feel a little imaginative.

“The past is more than a thousand years”, Yao An’s Guanglu ancient town since the Tang Dynasty, whether it is the Tang Biao iron pillar, the Song wielding jade axe, or the historical precipitation of the Yuan Cross Leather Bag, there are countless historical pasts, which have been “locked” by the years and sealed in thousands of clouds of smoke.

The “lock” thing mentioned here, that is, there are Dongguan Alley, Nanguan Alley, Xiguan Alley, Beiguan Alley around Hui Street, and there are also “three steps and two platforms”, no wonder tourists who have come to the “Yunxi Station” Gaofu Forest Garden will be very interested in the historical allusions of “Nine Shuang, Seven Dukes and Eight Prime Ministers, Three Kings, One Emperor and Five Marquis”.

Wandering on the Hui Street of Guanglu Ancient Town, I accidentally saw that there is a homestay that is as deeply “locked” as the Zhangjia courtyard, such as the Yang family courtyard and the Banjia courtyard. Among them, the Yang family courtyard is located at the south pass, which is composed of six squares of street surface houses and three quadrangles of front, middle and back, which is a complete “four-in-five patio, three squares and one wall, and a corner building” in ancient times.

As the saying goes, “a key tube and a lock”, when I was young, I often saw my grandmother playing with a string of brass keys tied together with copper rings whenever she was outside the house when she was in the sun, which was a thought of the Zhangjia courtyard in Guanglu Ancient Town that my grandmother’s sister-in-law quietly stuffed into her hand when she got married.

According to my old mother, after my grandmother married into Xuanwei, she never went back to Guanglu Ancient Town, and whenever she missed her brother and sister-in-law, she would hold this string of copper keys in her hand and chant, “My little baby, sleep obediently, my sister-in-law is sitting by the cradle, and my brother is back.”

No wonder a hundred years later, when I accidentally returned to the Zhangjia courtyard in Guanglu Ancient Town, my hand stroked the big key buckle on the vermilion-lacquered gate of “Zhuangyuan Gong”, listening to the opening and closing of the gate left by the vicissitudes of time… When the sound sounds, there will be a warm feeling that is characteristic of the prodigal son coming home.

On the side of the Zhangjia compound at the West Pass, there stands a Yunnan Province “Yao’an Road Military and Civilian General Mansion” set up by Sai Dianchi when he governed Yunnan in the Yuan Dynasty, wandering along the stone road and path in front of Gao Xuejun Ancestral Hall, Qinmian Hall, Gao Clan Ancestral Hall, Si Fu Hall and Yuzhen Hall, I actually saw an antique copper lock exactly the same as my childhood, and I couldn’t help but think that if I could find the string of copper keys left by my grandmother, I don’t know if I could open this bronze lock.

Reporter Zhang Yaohui