Like we are in all year round

People at the top of the fashion scene

Well, there must be no way around one topic, that is


When there was no Xinjiang cotton incident before,

Adi, Nike and a variety of co-branded shoes

, basically symbolizing the word “rich”!

Even then, you have to rely on hand speed to grab shoes, that

People who can’t buy or don’t have money to buy it

Naturally, they will wear “fakes”. Before Wang Ziwen posted the joint shoes that the official did not know he had made, I really buttoned my toes.

And what money couldn’t buy before

Dior and Nike’s joint AJ

, I don’t see it on the street! It’s a big deal.

Now everyone is beginning to support domestic products, but so is the patriotic Li Ning

The more you sell, the more expensive it is

, I used to have no money to buy Li Ning, but now I really have no money to buy Li Ning! In fact, there are many brands that are very attitude, whether it is style or quality, they are very good!

Today I will come to the sisters

Amway some shoes

, both

No collisions

Oh, the kind of oh.


How can you not wear canvas shoes in summer? Even a beautiful little skirt will be unhappy! This pair

A joint name between iSTEP and Laoshan White Flower Snake Grass Water

Canvas shoes are very suitable for summer wear, white and green are not too fresh~

In addition to the style of contrast print, there is

The contrast model is also very good-looking

。 And although this is canvas shoes, it will not be particularly abrasive, and the comfort is full of points!

The favorite is their home

Shoes with Chinese elements

, not brainless directly printed on the upper, but really designed, this attitude is superb!


This pair of shoes is also quite hot, after all, it is Kunkun

Cai Xukun’s shoes of the same style

Yikes! Putting this aside, it’s worth looking at shoes alone.

Buy a pair of blue and pink shoes for couples

Doesn’t it smell good to wear it?

This is another pair

The same style of the four-character younger brother and Ma Jiaqi

, Mrs. Yi is already wearing and you are still watching!

The insole material in the shoe is

Renewable cork fabric

, breathable and environmentally friendly, it’s really not difficult to see how attentive the brand is, right?

Seeing this, my girlish heart immediately could not hide, in front of the toe

The little lace is also too cute

Go for it! Two panels on the shoes let’s

A pair of white shoes has a feeling of two colors

, sisters must pick this pair!

Sisters who are afraid of dirt can also look at this, on the dark green upper

There are a few cute little red flowers

, looks delicate and delicate, and it definitely looks good with a small skirt! (Still the same model as Stanni Li)

bless shoe

Bungee players will definitely love this pair of “night devils”, don’t look at the name is a little middle two, wear it immediately really fragrant. During the day, it is ordinary dark gray canvas shoes, and at night

With light, he is the most beautiful boy in the crowd

In summer, you have to wear pink and tender shoes, but if you look closely, you will find that they are not low-key at all.

The leopard print is blue in the middle

Padded, upper foot absolutely

Milky and cool

But cool girls like me definitely prefer this pair.

A combination of stitches of the same color system

It just looks comfortable. Although there are leopard print elements, it is only a small area of tiling, and there is really no need to worry about hitting shoes.

This pair of shoes is also available

Chinese feng shui ink painting inner taste

The sole also increases by about 2~3cm. The quality and details are also not picked, and the sole has stitching lines that will not open the glue at all. And

The upper is not easy to stain

, lazy buy it for me!


Conpconp’s shoes I don’t want to say are just a few hundred pieces of things, pretending that international big brands are definitely believed, stupid can’t tell.

Pointed-toe canvas shoes can’t be worn out, let’s look at other styles, this pair

The pink and green canvas shoes are also perfect for summer

, Even if it is white T jeans, with this shoe can stir-fry chicken eye-catching! There are also green and purple, black and white color matching~

Can put

Maps and tickets are put on your shoes

Go, anyway, I’m seeing you for the first time. Just rushing such a unique idea, I also have to pay crazy!

You’ve seen the bag that laughs, but what about the shoes that laugh? Have to say conpconp’s shoes

From packaging to quality, the details are full of sincerity!

Finally, send a picture to Jimei to see

“The Fake” series of canvas shoes

, you can see why the design of this brand is so amazing!

Today’s interaction: What do you think about wearing fake shoes?