Du Shao’s roommate, a buddy from the Great Northeast, went home crying last night.

“I spent three months’ salary to buy a coat, and I wanted to date the girl decently for Christmas, but she said I was the coal boss and laughed all night…”

I looked at the mink coat on him and thought that this girl was a tasteful and understanding person.

Speaking of mink coats, the first reaction of the people of the whole country is:

This thing is the standard of the Northeast Tuda.

It is no wonder that in winter, the Great Northeast can reach tens of degrees below zero without saying a word, and a mink coat can ensure that the small water gun in the crotch of the straight man’s pants will not freeze ice.

But the price of this coat is not close to the people at all, and the good quality can be sold for hundreds of thousands, which has become the capital for local tycoons to show their wealth, and at the same time, the mink coat is contaminated with the rural atmosphere of Tula Bar.

In fact, warmth is not only a mink coat, “Shearling Jacket – Sheep Shearing Coat” made of wool and sheepskin as the main fabric can also bring you the warmth of being hugged by your girlfriend.

If you don’t want to shrink into a ball during the snowy season, and you can blow up the sky without spending a lot of money, a sheep shearing coat can help you!

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The “Shearling Jacket” is derived from the classic high-altitude bomber jacket B-3, which was originally only worn by shooters in the open cabin because they worked in a place where temperatures were chronically at -40°F and there was no heating.

The design of the B-3 not only meets the needs of the Air Force in harsh environments, but its advantages of wind protection and warmth are also envied by other combat units, so commanders of other arms will feel that they have a lot of face if they have this coat.

After all, this jacket is like walking hormones, and it exudes the breath of pure masters inside and out.

Not only is Brother Bing respected, but many military uniform enthusiasts are also proud to collect and wear the original or replica version of the B-3.

In the folk, it has a very simple name, called “fur and fur integration”.

In fact, “fur integration” is a process that selects the best lamb fur connected to the best fur to protect the body temperature of soldiers in a harsh environment, making full use of the warmth of lamb fur.

In addition to the warmth of the traditional B-3, the traditional B-3 is also very careful in other details.

The leather joints not only use strong cotton threads, but also add stitching of cowhide, and the zippers and metal buckles are treated with corrosion resistance.

The straps on the large wool lapels help preserve neck temperature, and the belt buckles on the sides of the body protect against wind and when released to dissipate heat, which has a dual effect.

At that time, the practical B-3 was not available to everyone as a special clothing for the army, but the sheep shearing coat improved from the B-3 became a magic weapon for straight men to improve their toughness.

In the fifties and sixties of the last century, all the good guys in the entertainment industry were indispensable for this star item.

The image of Steve McQueen, the representative of Hollywood tough guys, wearing a sheep-shearing coat, captivated a large number of teenage girls.

During the public release of the movie “Memphis Beauty”, the image of air force soldiers in sheared coats influenced countless young people, making them yearn for the life of the army.


, based on the military uniform MA-1, M65 improved style in the fashion industry rampant, has become a must-have item for hard straight men.

Therefore, the improved sheep shearing coat based on the high-altitude bomber jacket B-3 naturally became a source of inspiration for fashion designers.

Neil Barrett, Coach, Burberry and other international brands have offered their own shearing coats:

Generally, shearing coats are divided into long and short styles.

Long models usually give a rough feel, similar to mink coats.

If you are not careful, you still can’t get rid of the image of the local big model, and it is very short legs.


In contrast, a short sheep shearing coat is more suitable for straight men of all sizes.

Not only can it visually elongate the proportions, but it is also a versatile tool for winter clothing.

Any set, going out in 3 minutes is not a dream.

To sum up, fur unity is the ultimate weapon to save all Northeast brothers from the earthen cannon circle this cold winter.

Dear brothers in the northeast, I am not targeting anyone, please return your big mink to your parents, so that you can lead the girl home as soon as possible.

If, you still want to know how to buy a sheep shearing coat, how to match it, how to wash it… Du Shao said, see that you like the number of likes to give me the opportunity to continue popular science.


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