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Winter clothing must pay attention to practicality, after all, when “frozen into a dog”, fashion is really not so important.

Keeping warm not only beats the sense of fashion, but also gains a sense of fashion. I also have the best of both worlds in a down jacket. Intimate little padded jacket online,

Today’s 4 matching solutions are full of dry goods, I hope they can give you inspiration for outfits

Tips1: Tender yellow down jacket, easy to transform into a little cute, age-reducing and fashionable

Winter matching still depends on it


, because the popular color down jacket is really eye-catching. At a glance, it is different from other basic models, so it can also make you return to the city.

And yellow is a very eye-catching popular color, not very picky, and can also appear fair-skinned.

A touch of yellow can also be paired with dark tones, and it won’t look bloated with black and white wide-leg pants. The cinched waist design is just right, not only tall but also very thin.

And this darker yellowish color is also more suitable for most people’s skin tone, and you can look good after makeup.

Tips2: Pale pink down jacket, easy to transform into a cute girl, age-reducing and flattering

And pink is also a very worthy color, unlike yellow, pink is more cute and cute, so it is more suitable for cute girls.

But tall girls can also wear, more

The contrast is cute

effect. Pink can choose a mid-length model, which looks more stable and elegant, or you can choose a short one, which will be more playful.

The cropped cut can stand out


, so when matching, we can choose a relatively fresh color to echo, such as off-white can appear that the whole match is very light and lively, completely girly. Although this combination picks the age, it does not limit the age, as long as you are a cute girl who looks relatively tender, you can easily control it.

The whole look is completely girly, so after getting on the body, you can easily get a sense of fashion that reduces your age.

Tips3: Off-white down jacket, easy to transform into a delicate girl, fresh and stylish

Among popular colors,


It is a more special existence, it is different from the brightly colored pop colors, but it is better than them.

Although it is one of the versatile basic colors, it is full of eye-catching value, and it is no less than the popular color system, so it can be unscrupulous with matching, and it can also be controlled with Xiaobai.

Although off-white is a warmer white color, it is not different from white and can control 99% of clothing.

So if you don’t know how to match, then choose such an off-white down jacket to easily get a sense of fashion in winter,

Get eye-catching values with ease

, easy to have versatile fashion.

Tips4: Khaki brown down jacket, easy to transform into a professional expert, stable and temperamental

Popular colors also hide versatile temperamentists, such as khaki brown, from

Earthy colors

The classic color matching, with its own gentle temperament, is especially suitable for intellectual girls, especially girls who have gone to work, and choose to wear the upper body is completely temperamental.

And this color does mean long, can be matched with a completely different feeling, let you experience the fun of matching.

The reduced brightness of khaki brown results in a coffee hue, similar to the effect of black, although slightly less versatile, but very thin.

Even thick and bloated styles can be held completely, and this color is not very picky, even if it is in their forties

Mature women

, also completely manageable.


The down jacket is thick and bloated

“Fashion disaster”

, but it also has advantages that other items do not have, in addition to keeping warm, it can also reduce age cuteness.

The texture like bread itself can make people feel this cute feeling, very fluffy and soft, which is the feeling that coats and trench coats cannot have. The combination of down jackets and popular colors can not only add points to the sense of fashion, but also obtain an age-reducing effect.

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