The hot summer is coming, and many girls have such a fashion item in their wardrobes, that is, short skirts. As one of the daily fashion items in summer, short skirts are the best choice for many girls to show their figures.

And the matching of short skirts is also very important in dressing, so how to choose a suitable short skirt according to your figure? Perhaps today’s article can benefit many girls a lot.

Look1: Pink hip skirt

This short skirt has a dreamy girly feeling of a macaron, and it is very tender after looking at it. Pale pink is a very fresh color, coupled with the light blue of the top, the color matching of the whole outfit is very harmonious. This color combination is very eye-catching, and youthful and lively, suitable for hot summer days.

The length of the short skirt is also just right, which can show off the slender legs well. And this short skirt can improve the waist line very well, visually stretch the proportion of the lower body, and make the whole person look tall and lively. Plus a bag in the same color as the skirt, and the rate of turning back when walking on the street is quite high.

Look2: Denim A-line skirt

With its own unique advantages, denim fabric has become one of the indispensable fabrics in people’s daily life.

The light blue denim skirt is very designed, using the A-line skirt style with tight and loose bottom, which can show the line of the waist well, so that the ratio of the waist to the hips becomes larger, and it can show the graceful curve well.

The skirt of the denim skirt is not very neat, but the design of hook lines, this old method is also very common in denim fabrics, such a small silk thread exposed, can well decorate the short skirt, even if there is no other decoration is very eye-catching.

Although this denim skirt is very white, but there are also some shortcomings in it, this short skirt due to the design of the shape, so not suitable for girls with pear-shaped figures, itself after this skirt is worn, the hips will appear fatter, so for some girls with larger hips, such a short skirt is not suitable for wearing on the body.

Look3: Mini-plaid skirt

With its own unique fit and design, the plaid skirt can be said to be popular all summer. The plaid skirt is also very simple in design. Without excessive decoration, just the use of plaid elements can make the skirt different.

And the length of this plaid skirt is also exactly above the knee, not particularly short and not particularly long. Such a skirt can not only make people sexy, but also avoid some embarrassing problems caused by too short skirts.

Although this skirt uses check elements, it is still based on black and white, plus a very low saturation brown short sleeves, from the color matching point of view, simple and generous.

Look4: Blue and white striped skirt

This short skirt is more design than the previous short skirts, the format of this short skirt is very special, the length of the general short skirt before and after is basically the same, and this short skirt breaks the traditional short skirt design to open up another way, the skirt is long and short, very layered.

Short skirts occupy a large position in summer wear, and a considerable number of girls are very fond of short skirts, and in the short-term choice, they should also pay great attention to the overall dressing style.

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