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Middle-aged and elderly people buy jeans online, check 3 places to know if these pants are “defective”, don’t be pitted

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More and more middle-aged and elderly friends like to shop online, even if they are wearing pants, they also like to buy online.

Although buying pants online is sometimes cheaper, it is also easy to fall into the pit, such as the color does not match or the size is not right, and the quality is not good.

Today we have summarized 3 ways to check online shopping pants, and look at 3 places to know if the pants you bought are defective.

1. Look at the “Connection” section

In this way, good pants will be made more delicate in the place of connection.

The crotch, legs, and pockets of the trousers are all important places to check.

For example, the connection between the head of the trousers and the crotch, if it is a better quality pants, his credit stitching will be more dense and firm, by gently pulling these connections, the opening is immediately enlarged or the needle and thread are not dense and firm, indicating that the quality of this pants is relatively poor.

The pant leg part, because the shape of each pair of pants is different, so everyone should figure out the shape of the outline they purchased when buying.

However, there will be threads on both sides of the trouser legs, and if the height of the trouser legs is not consistent, it is also a relatively poor quality pants, which is generally said to be long pants while the trouser legs are short, or the trouser legs are wide and the trouser legs are narrow. This is all a problem with routing.

The pocket is the same as the crotch, and if the pocket is loose, the pocket is easy to deform after cleaning, and if the edge is too narrow, the quality is poor.

2. Touch and rub

For the pants you just bought back online, you can first touch its thickness, it is best to rub it.

Like some jeans, suit pants of the thicker fabric,

You can hold the pants tightly, and then release them after a few seconds, if the pants are easy to wrinkle at this time, it is not easy to restore, indicating that it is also easy to deform after washing

, It may also deform quickly like a used rag, and it is not durable.

Some pants with better stretch not only have elasticity, but also do better in terms of fabric, these more stretchy pants can fit the body more, but the more stretchy pants are easy to deform, such as wearing will be larger and larger, so when we look at the pants open, we must see whether its elastic rebound is exquisite.

If the pants are stretchy, but it is difficult to spring back after being pulled wide, then the pants are easy to deform after wearing them for a long time.

3. Observe hardware products such as zippers

Such as jeans, suit pants or men’s pants, more or less there will be some metal zippers, metal zippers are more durable, if it is a plastic type of zipper is not very durable, and it is easy to break.

This thin zipper is prone to breakage:

Metal texture zippers, if the zipper is too thin, it is easy to break, if the zipper is slightly thicker texture is also thicker, such a zipper will be more durable.

This thicker one will be more durable and easy to push and pull:

If the pants you choose are elastic waistbands, check the elastic waistband as well. In particular, pants with elastic belts are easy to deform at the end of the trousers, so the fabric of the pants with an elastic belt should be thicker.

Well, the above is today’s sharing, let’s summarize it

1. Check whether the seam of the pants is fine, especially the part of the crotch with the trouser head and leg is the key part of the threading, if there is a small hole in a slight pull, it means that its quality is not good.

2. The pants that have just been bought back are best kneaded to see if they are easy to deform, if they are easy to have creases when rubbed, then it means that his pants after washing are also easy to deform and will not be durable.

3. If the pants have metal zippers, you can choose some slightly thicker metal zippers, thin metal zippers are easy to break, if or elastic belt, check whether the fabric of the trousers is thick and textured.

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