On September 15, the 2018 Shanghai Citizen Cultural Festival Chinese Poetry Talent Competition was held in Jiading Library. Photo by Wang Gu

Zhongxin Wanghai, September 15 Topic: Shencheng’s traditional culture continues to heat up: the “heart flame” does not go out, and the lights and shadows are bright

Written by Wang Di

“Shiwen Pavilion”. Photo by Wang Gu

Chanting of poems, upper and lower sentences, poetry interpretation, “flying flower order”… The 2018 Shanghai Citizen Cultural Festival Chinese Poetry and Poetry Talent Competition was held in Jiading Library on the 15th, and the “Top 100 Masters” of Chinese Poetry and Poetry invited the audience to a feast of ancient and modern classic poetry and literature.

It is revealed that this year’s Shanghai Citizen Cultural Festival Chinese Poetry and Poetry Competition attracted more than 150,000 citizens to participate, not only the number of participants has been greatly improved, but also the age level and industry of the contestants are richer. Li Dingguang, the academic director of the “Chinese Poetry Conference” and the judge of this year’s poetry and literary competition, was very impressed: “Many years ago, everyone still thought that traditional culture was ‘old antiques’, something loved by the elderly, but now the atmosphere of loving, respecting and participating in traditional culture has become stronger and stronger, and the literacy of adults and children has improved. ”

After a fierce competition in the final, 100 players successfully advanced to the top 100. Among the “Top 100 Masters”, 82% are under 45 years old, and 22% are students, and the participation of the younger generation and the continuous improvement of ancient poetry literacy have led some contestants to sigh that “the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves”. The appearance of Li Yuanfei, a top 100 player who loves military poetry, subverted the impression of many audiences on soldiers, “Although our current combat methods, weapons and equipment are no longer the same as in ancient times, the feelings of soldiers to protect their homes and defend the country resonate through time and space through these poems.” ”

Why does traditional culture continue to heat up? First, it is inseparable from the traditional culture of “moisturizing and silent” inheritance. In this competition, Zhu Yimei, editor of Shanghai Ancient Books Publishing House, and his daughter Feng Tianyu joined hands to enter the top 100, and his daughter’s performance of “blue is better than blue” made Zhu Yimei feel very happy; Ou Shujing, a top 100 contestant and Jiading Chinese teacher, believes that her participation can give strength to children who learn ancient poetry and become a model for children to learn. The contestants’ love of poetry and literature also has a lot of influence on the people around them.

The “fashion heritage” also contributes to it. There are many interesting topics in this competition: Which classic ancient text does “Big Fish and Begonia” remind you of? Which ancient poem is adapted from the little swallow’s back in “Huanzhu Gege” “The emperor is difficult and the wind is dark, and the princess has many resentments”? The contestants were dazzled and excited. The competition also launched the “Poetry Pavilion”, which selects more than 100 classic poems and texts for citizens to read aloud at karaoke.

For many contestants, the influence of poetry is not only reflected in the world, but also further changes their temperament, which is the “useless use” of poetry. The Shanghai Citizen Cultural Festival expressed the hope that the Chinese Poetry and Poetry Competition can help more people light the light of traditional poetry, and the “heart flame” will not be extinguished, and the light will be bright. (End)