Red pieces, all underwear and accessories.

A dress with a tight waist with a fitted upper body and an umbrella skirt with an open lower body, which is very feminine and suitable for girls with a thinner upper body. The openwork design adds femininity,

A sweater dress with lace and tassel panels at the hem, very sexy. The overall fit is a relatively loose straight type, and the meat covering effect is good. The yarn contains 65% wool, 10% mink down, and even 25% anti-pilling fiber, in addition to keeping warm, it can also ensure that it cannot be worn for a long time.

Classic Scottish red-toned check, vintage and temperamental. The red color is highly saturated and gives a warm feeling. The shirt skirt fit does not pick the figure, does not pick the style, and is very easy to wear. The fabric is soft and untidy, and it is comfortable to wear closely.

The red and white plaid dress is also very color-colored, stable and youthful. The V-neck design is very thin, and the skirt is straight, but with a belt, you can define the waistline. Wool-blend material, it feels great to the touch.

The houndstooth check sweater is very awe-inspiring. In addition to the classic black and white color scheme, there is also a very special red houndstooth grid, which is more color-friendly, not so heavy in winter, and the effect is amazing. It is worth mentioning that the front lattice of this is not a print, and the real beads are hand-sewn, and the craftsmanship is very careful.

Warm mohair sweater with a loose fit and a slouchy look. The diamond check does not pick the age and does not pick the person. Available in red and blue.

This knitwear costs cabbage, but the knitting process is much more complicated than ordinary plain knitting. Using the fishbone knitting process, the slimming effect after the upper body is better, it fits the curve of the body, and the warmth effect should not be underestimated. Many colors,

Liu Wen’s small checked sweater, I believe that many girls felt very good when watching TV at that time.

The elegant split pencil skirt has a high degree of practicality, and the split looks good whether placed in front or back. The elasticated waist design is very wrapped for the abdomen. The yarn has a silky composition, which is pleasant to the skin and has no pricking sensation to the touch. Moreover, the wrinkle resistance is excellent, and the vision gives a thick and stable feeling.

Midi skirt with an elegant femininity. Wool-blend material, very delicate and not easy to wrinkle, making the fit longer-lasting. There is a certain sense of weight, so that the skirt maintains a free and extended structure. The waist circumference is stretchy, and the figure is not adjusted. The level can be adjusted independently.

A very feminine skirt with a fishtail silhouette and is very sexy. The blended knitted fabric has a soft texture that does not irritate the skin and has a sense of weight. The undulating texture is arranged in an orderly manner, and the outline of the flowers can be faintly seen, which is beautiful and not monotonous.

Compared with the previous few feminine styles, this skirt takes a more casual route. The suede material reflects the uninhibited hippie style, and the double-breasted metal buckle decoration adds to the sense of handsomeness. The small A-shaped skirt does not pick the figure, the high-waist belt design is very British, and the effect of lengthening the legs is very in place.

Pipe pants combined with a little Harlan’s fit, it is still relatively decorative. After winter, a thicker version was introduced, which was heavier and warmer. The surface of the fabric is glossy and smooth, has good wrinkle resistance, and has good stretch. The workmanship is in place, and the inside is all delicately hemmed.

This is a small straight fit, this fit is very thin, and girls with thick calves are not afraid. High-quality wheat, completely ballless, wear-resistant and wrinkle-proof, good texture. There is a certain drape, and the upper body effect is amazing. The girls in the south estimate that one can survive the winter.

Mid-length shorts are also a favorite item for many girls in winter. This one is very warm, with a wool content of about 40%. It is not easy to pill and not easy to shed hair. It is about five minutes long and above the knees to cover slightly thicker thighs. The overall look is very retro.

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