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Author | People in the feather

Source: Weaving Life Forum

『 Year 』

With needles:

Body 5.0, cuffs 4.0, hem 4.5 (unit mm)

With Line:

Hand-woven chain segment dye (similar to Christmas red, very suitable for the scene) very big brand color, forum Xia women’s home


Bust 120


After the weaver girl circle issued ready-to-wear, she never filmed a reality show, but today it was cloudy and cold! But it didn’t affect me, who had OCD, to take pictures

It’s a bit of a pity: because of leggings, the beauty of the short style was not photographed,

To be honest, I am a responsible person, if a dress does not work well, I will not send the process, can not affect the support and liking of the weaver girl to me, then first on the picture, the illustration is attached

Matching skirts is another taste, and I also like it, and the skirts are remodeled from old things

Detailed drawings and processes

Weaving instructions:

Shoulder width 29, length 59 (unit cm) starting stitch 60 knitboard needles, 8 stitches at the stitch

The front and rear pieces are 112 needles, and the chest circumference is 120cm

The length of the 10*12 front and back needles (as shown in the picture) is determined by yourself

The cuffs are stitched in 26 stitches in 66 rows, and the 64-knit body square flowers are flowers to the armpits and 74 stitches

50 knits 148*2 rows on the edge, stitching the body

Simple and easy to weave, you can understand it, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, the illustration is here, attach the original post thanks to the red geranium for sharing