Deng Lun, the popular young student, must be familiar to everyone, right? In the entertainment industry, he is also a scarce resource, with superb acting skills and exquisite appearance, especially a unique melancholy and quiet temperament, giving people a feeling like a glass of water, calm and beautiful. And today, the relevant platform also posted Deng Lun’s beautiful picture in “Shangxin Forbidden City”, which is simply looking for men’s early autumn dressing tutorials!

Now the majority of male friends don’t worry about not wearing it, Deng Lun’s three early autumn outfits are not enough for you to choose? Next, the little fairies are ready to lick the screen, and the little fairy men are ready to get their notebooks! Let’s “go back to the palace” with Deng Lun!

The first outfit Deng Lun chose plaid elements that have been very popular in recent years, and the blue plaid shirt is very suitable for him, and the blue represents melancholy, which is very consistent with his quiet temperament. The classic and versatile white short sleeves are chosen for the top underneath, and walking on the Forbidden City path in the morning sun is simply not too great!

Because it is a show about the Forbidden City, the choice of clothing is not fashionable, but suitable. Bottoms Deng Lun also relatively chose the more common men’s black trousers, this type of pants every boy has more or less a few, right? Versatile and classic, what style of top does it not look good with?

The blue striped shirt and black trousers together look like a youthful atmosphere, giving people a very vibrant feeling, and at the same time with a touch of literary and artistic atmosphere, presumably this is also Deng Lun’s gift to the majority of young male friends!

It has been said that it is the Forbidden City, so of course the retro element is also indispensable, it is still a blue shirt, but there are only stripes missing, does it seem to have a little taste of Zhongshan clothing? The black underwear looks more stable, and when paired with the blue shirt, it looks like a Republican style, and the retro feeling greets you.

The bottom is still the regular black trousers, but Dunlun’s sneakers really appeal to me, and the colors are too rich, right? But yes, the Forbidden City building has attractions, and the green plants in it are brightly colored, how can you integrate with it without choosing a recognizable shoe? Sitting on a bench under the big tree of the Forbidden City, such a Deng Lun looks a little resplendent!

In the choice of clothing, Deng Lun is handsome and fashionable at the same time is also very luxurious, of course, this can not be compared with female stars, but this degree of fashion is not bad at all, the inconspicuous shirt is 5800, stepping on 6800 sneakers, especially the ear-shaped emerch-red gemstone brooch is as high as 5800, it is really too luxurious, there are more than 2000 hairpins of Tang Yan in front, and Deng Lun 5800 brooch in the back, which makes people envious.

The last one is Deng Lun’s outfit for male friends who pursue trends, and the clothing boldly chooses red color, which perfectly blends with the red wall and golden tile of the Forbidden City, which looks very harmonious, and there is a sense of picture when you think about it. In terms of style, Deng Lun also chose very appropriately, and there was no exaggerated personality clothing style, and the top simply chose a long trench coat.

The bottoms do not add any unique design, but the pants have the feeling of cargo pants, and cargo pants are also very popular this year, and they are very warm to wear, which is also a way to adapt to the weather! Yellow men’s canvas shoes are still relatively rare, and Deng Lun uses this shoe to match a red suit, which is indeed bold enough. Probably because of the color, such a denglun looks very soft.

So Deng Lun’s trip to the Forbidden City is over, do you have anything to say in front of the screen? In fact, men’s outfits are not as diverse as women’s outfits in style, so the majority of male friends, look at some classic dressing examples, at least don’t dress yourself up to be fancy and look good!

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