We often say, “If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.” In our daily work, computers and mobile phones have become important productivity tools for us, and when we need to take minutes, interviews or attend classes, most of them choose to use mobile phones or voice recorders to record, and then review and organize. Compared with these traditional methods and devices, the smart voice recorder can not only record sound, but also realize sound to text, which is more intuitive and convenient in the subsequent finishing work.

This time, the iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 experienced by the author adopts a 2+4 microphone array and has professional recording noise reduction capabilities. At the same time, the accuracy rate of recording to text is as high as 98%. It has clear recording effect and high accuracy to convert text, which can greatly shorten the time to organize content and further improve work efficiency. Next, the author will talk to you in detail about the experience of using this product.

Small and easy to use, recording transcription is more effective

The overall size of the iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder SR302 adopts a stretched curved shape, combined with an aluminum alloy shell, which has a delicate texture and is very light and comfortable to hold in one hand. It has a 2.0-inch touch screen on the front of the fuselage, which can be operated and switched by battery and swipe. In the process of operation, it can be seen that the interactive operation design of iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 is also very simple, and users can intuitively and quickly find the functions they want to use, saving time to the greatest extent and increasing efficiency to a certain extent.

Although the popularity of smart phones has made most people accustomed to touch operation, but as a scenario-based tool product, iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 can also be operated through physical buttons, below the screen is a CD thread-shaped function button, such as quickly enter the voice recorder menu for some general system settings or quickly switch recording mode, or quickly start recording one-key recording function can achieve quick operation through physical buttons.

In terms of important microphone configuration, iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 adopts a combination of 2 directional microphones + 4 omnidirectional microphones, which can achieve up to 15 meters of sound pickup, and through the intelligent noise reduction algorithm, it can also achieve accurate noise reduction to ensure clearer human voices. Especially when recording in noisy places, the speaker’s voice can be accurately captured and the surrounding noise can be filtered out, so as to obtain a higher quality recording effect. In general, iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder SR302 is very suitable for all workplace experts, and can meet the needs of recording and text conversion in most scenarios. For example, at the company’s large-scale meeting every week, it can not only clearly record the voice, but also distinguish the speaker when transferring the text, helping you better record the content of the entire meeting; Or go out to participate in the product conference, even if you are far away from the speaker, you can use the iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 to record the important information in the conference, in short, this is a multi-functional intimate helper that adapts to a variety of scenarios.

Here is a text transcription test recorded in a noisy office environment, let’s take a look at the performance of iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder SR302:

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It can be seen that in a noisy environment, the text transcription accuracy of iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 is still very high; It can be said that this alone makes the SR302 surpass many voice recorder products on the market that also claim to be “smart”. The next video is a piece of content about professional terminology recorded by the author, let’s take a look at how the iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 performs:

Through the above two videos, it is not difficult to find that the real-time transcription of iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 is not only fast, but also can keep up with sentence breaks and punctuation, and the text will quickly appear on the screen as soon as the voice falls; At the same time, the accuracy of the machine’s understanding of professional terms is also very high, and there is basically no deviation in the understanding of professional terms, which is still somewhat surprising to me.

The transcription result basically does not need to be modified

After the recording is completed, download the “iFLYTEK Extreme Wisdom” App on the mobile phone, and log in to your personal account to view the transcribed recording files in the cloud. In this part, I also noticed that iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 can perform oral regularization operations for the whole sentence speech recognition results, intelligently filter mood words, repeat words, adjust word order, etc., and the transcription results are more in line with the usage habits, and the final result can be produced without too much modification (documents and audio can be shared through WeChat, email and links), which greatly improves daily work efficiency.

Supports simultaneous translation between four major languages

In terms of translation function (Chinese/foreign language recording can be transcribed into text in real time and translated into foreign language/Chinese), iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 supports simultaneous translation of four major languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Russian. This function is highly practical for some people who do translation work, foreign language training, and news interviews, and you can feel the following English translation video:

Through actual measurement, we can see that the corresponding translation results are basically error-free, and the results automatically conform to Chinese grammar habits, and users can almost use them directly; At this time, I also began to sigh: the position of translation officer is really precarious, and artificial intelligence will definitely replace many occupations related to language and translation in the future; Of course, we can also look at it from another perspective, artificial intelligence can better assist the work of translation officers in the future (hehe~).

The accuracy of simultaneous translation and transcription is also very high

2000mAh large capacity battery, providing 10 hours of continuous recording

In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of iFLYTEK intelligent voice recorder SR302 is 2000mAh, and the bottom of the fuselage adopts Type-C charging interface, thanks to the optimization of UI and computing of the whole machine, the power consumption during operation is still relatively low, and a single full charge can provide up to 10 hours of continuous recording; Whether your client is talking, or the boss always likes to tell a story before the meeting, you don’t have to worry about the low battery of this recording.


As a new product in iFLYTEK’s best-selling smart voice recorder series, iFLYTEK Smart Voice Recorder SR302 shows iFLYTEK’s leading strength in the field of smart voice recorder in terms of appearance design, text transcription efficiency (accuracy), and synchronous translation. If you need a voice recorder that can quickly improve work efficiency during office, study, and media interviews, the iFLYTEK smart voice recorder SR302 we reviewed this time is definitely worth considering.


Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video