【IT168 Review】

For some specific shooting subjects, such as landscape, architecture, starry sky, still life and group portrait photography, remote camera shooting function is very necessary, and at the beginning of this year, Sony also officially released a wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT that can bring a convenient remote control shooting experience to users with this demand. So about whether it is good or not, today we will actually evaluate and test.

Analysis of product features

The wireless remote control RMT-P1BT can be connected to the camera via Bluetooth, and the camera can be controlled directly without cables and receivers. The RMT-P1BT is also excellent in terms of responsiveness, with a delay of only about 0.05 seconds, ensuring that the shutter can be released precisely. The RMT-P1BT remote control has an LED light that shows the operating status of the camera by flashing or always on. In addition, for outdoor shooting and bad weather, the dustproof and moisture-proof design is naturally also essential, the remote control can resist the intrusion of dust and moisture, as well as adapt to changes in hot and cold temperatures, providing reliable operation in various environments and weather.

The focus button of the wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT can manually and precisely control subtle focus changes, while it has a C1 custom button that allows users to define different functions according to their preferences. In addition, the RMT-P1BT features a start/stop video recording button and a motorized/digital zoom, making it an ideal accessory for remote video shooting. For those who prefer to shoot in bulb long exposure mode, the RMT-P1BT provides the operation mode of clicking the main button to start and close (without the need to hold the main button continuously while exposed), which is undoubtedly more convenient for their creation.

Product appearance

The appearance of Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT can be said to be very small and lightweight, the size is 116.5 ×33 ×15.1mm, its own weight is 35g, and the thickness is just right, which is just right for holding and using. The front of the remote control has an LED indicator and five function buttons, the five buttons are the + and – buttons used to operate the focus or zoom of the camera’s compatible lenses; The largest in the middle is the shutter/REC button for shooting photos and videos, which supports half-press focus, and when the camera is in bulb mode, press the button once to start the exposure, and then press again to end the exposure, no need to press all the time; The function switching of the above three buttons is responsible for the two switches on the right side of the remote control; The two lower buttons are the AF-ON button and the custom button C1, which function the same as the same button on the connected camera. The feedback of the buttons is moderate, the layout is clear and concise, and even blind operation is no problem after being familiar with the function of the buttons. LED indicators show the current connection status to the camera, and a lanyard hole is also provided under the remote control.

The LOCK on the left side of the Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT is a lock function switch, which can lock and disable all button functions to prevent false touches during operation.

There are also two switches on the right side of the Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT, the ZOOM/FOCUS switch can be used to control the function of the + and – buttons, when switching to focus mode, the camera focus can be adjusted by the +, – buttons, and the zoom mode can adjust the camera zoom. The MOVIE/STILL switch is used to determine the function switch of the shutter/REC button, and whether to take a photo or videography.

The Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT has a groove on the back as a user-friendly design that allows one finger to be placed in it when holding the remote control, increasing the grip firmness and comfort. The lower battery compartment uses a CR2032 coin cell battery as a power source, and the hatch can be easily opened with a coin.

Connection method

It should be noted that this Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT currently only supports Sony mirrorless camera α9 (Ver.5.00 firmware or above), α7R III (Ver.3.00 firmware or above), α7 III (Ver.3.00 firmware or above), α6400 (Ver.2.00 firmware above). After confirming that the model is compliant, you can start the Bluetooth pairing connection in the aircraft.

First make sure to turn on Bluetooth and Bluetooth remote control in the camera

On the pairing interface, press and hold the + button and shutter/REC button of the Sony Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control RMT-P1BT for more than 7 seconds, and the camera will display a reminder to accept the remote control pairing interface.

When the pairing is complete, you can use the Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT.

Use demos

Below we show how to use the various function buttons of Sony wireless Bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT through a video.

Original video address: https://v.qq.com/x/page/a09034vvjg0.html

Summary of the review

Sony wireless bluetooth remote control RMT-P1BT in the practical application can still bring a lot of convenience, although the current functional content is still relatively single, but the basic function of the satisfaction and convenient operation mode is still relatively more suitable for the use of outdoor environments than mobile phones, in addition to the small size and comfortable feel also for the use of a better experience, carry relatively more convenient.