There are about three understandings of men’s high-top shoes, the first is the first “canvas shoes” that appear in my mind after seeing the problem, which is also the best and most likely to match the wrong type of shoes.

Taking Converse’s general variety of high-top canvas shoes as an example, canvas shoes are the best matching type among the three high-top shoes, generally speaking, the shape of high-top canvas shoes is basically shown in the figure below

This basic high-top shoe is basically versatile, a pair of khaki pants or basic jeans, with canvas shoes, and a refreshing shirt (no plaid ones!!). Grab your hair, put on your messenger’s bag, and smile with an egg, and it is a template for literary and artistic youth. I say it’s the best match because of the way you wear it, whether you roll up your legs or put them down, it looks good. The subject of the roll-up topic asked, I will say, if the trouser leg is rolled, it is generally better to go up 3 to 4 fingers from the highest part of the upper, and if it is too long, it will appear: “What about your fishing nets and boats?” The sense of immediacy, too short, for example, only rolling it will make people misunderstand that you are buying pants big – from literary and artistic youth to the car repair master who turns right out of the community is actually only one step away…

In the end, this pair of shoes will go together

There are many images with this similar “Korean version” as the keyword in Baidu images. Although I personally do not appreciate this-gray pants. But in terms of the relationship between the length of canvas shoes and pants, this classmate is still doing well, and I have to give 5 points of praise!

The second is the style asked by the subject (lying groove, you are teasing me before I enter the topic??!! )

This kind of shoes are generally called “Martin shoes”, which were prepared for soldiers injured on the battlefield at the beginning of their birth, because their soles are more comfortable, but at the same time their appearance is more tough and handsome, so they are very popular with soldiers. In the late 20th century, this shoe was also widely praised among young people who loved rock and roll and yearned for freedom. To say so much is to show that this kind of shoes and canvas shoes are destined to be less casual and more tough than words. Therefore, unlike canvas shoes, this kind of shoes generally requires a little consideration of collocation.

The first thing to remember is, absolutely! Right! No! Want! Use! Pants! Child! Cover! Live! Shoes! Child! Target! Allow! What! Division! Divide!!! It only takes three steps to put a cool pair of Martin shoes out of Daddy’s Red Dragonfly men’s shoes – put on your pants, put on your shoes, and cover the upper with your legs!

In the question, I recommend the subject to pair with dark jeans, recommend G-Star, and many jeans in his autumn and winter are boots and Martin shoes. The wearing method is generally to roll up the trouser leg 2-3 fingers or just not expose the calf is preferred, as shown below

It’s not hard to see why I said that people with short legs are not suitable for high tops… Only this kind of leg has the opportunity to harness Martin shoes and boots…

And the subject’s shoes I think are more similar to the pair on the picture, so the part of the jeans can do the same treatment, and the clothes, I suggest that you can wear some shirts with a sense of design this season, the lining can be matched with T-shirts with a similar color to the laces, any matching of colors must remember the echo of the color, such as the subject’s shoes, I recommend the following styles of shirts

I’m sorry T-shirt, I really can’t find this color for a while- -。。。。。 But I mean, you know!!!

Then I want to talk about socks~ Many boys will find it difficult to grasp the color, in fact, I said in my signature that the highlight of matching is often in the subtleties, such as watches, laces, scarves or socks here- -。。 Socks and Martin shoes are natural friends, in addition to the above pants rolled to not show the legs of this way of wearing, you can also have trouser legs rolled up to expose the length of 3-4 finger calves, the same is this pair of black shoes, we can match dark green or striped socks, but even for the color to stand out do not change the main color system, so I emphasize dark green, such as the matching below

This pair is actually not strictly speaking Martin shoes. But similar renderings are relatively few on the Internet, but the effect is similar, it should be noted that the second precaution must be said here, dew! Go out! Target! Socks! Child! And! Cattle! Child! Pants! Break off! Right! No! Same! Time! Go out! Appear!! If someone wears it on the street, please ask the subject to spit at him confidently (–) Generally speaking, the matching is a design sense of casual pants, khaki pants here I think you can try, but the color must be darker, more I still prefer black or dark slacks or cropped pants, to be slim, it is best that the legs and socks can be naturally connected. If the trouser leg dangles around the ankle, it will change from a hipster to a security guard in another second, and the achievement is a failure, with a smile on the nine springs…

Of course, if you don’t choose the combination of socks and trousers, we can also change stockings and shorts (…). But this collocation can easily reveal the authenticity orientation… Not recommended, as shown in the figure below

The above is the collocation of the subject question.

And then the third, boots (…) Can anyone really see it here)

Boots are what I personally crave the most, but due to the figure problems mentioned above… The most daring shoe species… Boots are the most difficult to match among the three high-tops, because the rigid lines and finishing effects they represent make short-legged thick-legged looped legs invisible, so they can control the boots. It must be a male god- –

I really don’t want to say too much about the matching of boots, because than (wo) than (chuan) simple (bu) single (shang), with the general dark jeans or or deep khaki pants, recommended slim model, because of its special style shape, the legs must be tucked into the boots, so if the pants themselves are not close enough, it will look like a tumor on the leg… When passers-by see you take out your mobile phone, it will not be to shoot your tide, but to call 120, hoping that you will recover as soon as possible… The upper body is also recommended to be more tough tight or jacket and other short wear, so here is another level of boots. If the figure is not good enough, don’t try boots…

But don’t be too rigid, wear sunglasses and walk on the road, people avoid you and it’s not good. So you can learn from the figure below

It’s not a mainstream boot, but it’s also a fashion highlight.

Above… In fact, my views on matching are very shallow and limited, just to say my own opinion, to observe the excellent dressing style around me, and at the same time to have the subjective will to become more spirited and more heroic, is the real “hipster”

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