For people who are good wine, when talking about Jiangsu wine, they will directly think of it

Yanghe, Shuanggou, this world

and a series of big-name liquors, which also highlights the high visibility of these brands.


The blue of the sea, the blue of the sky, and the blue of dreams of Yanghe, the treasure shop series of Shuanggou, and the series of the border of this world

Wait, these liquor product lines have withstood the test of time in the liquor market and slowly become well-known good wines that are well-known to households.

But for some low-priced wines in Jiangsu, it is easy

It is considered inferior liquor because of its low price

, even the big brands are doomed.

But the real situation is that the quality of the wine is not bad at all,

It is not an exaggeration to call it “grievance wine” because of the upside-down popularity and quality of wine

, the following inventory

Jiangsu’s 4 “grievance wines” are often treated as inferior wines because of their low price, but they are actually 100% pure grain wines, and the quality of the wine is very distinctive

to see if everyone has drunk it.

1. Yanghe Daqu

Due to the crazy advertising in the early years, Yanghe Wines has quickly spread the popularity of its “Blue Classic” series throughout the country, especially the high-grade Dream Blue series, which is often used in business banquets and is deeply loved by consumers.

However, because of excessive advertising and marketing, some drinking friends are very repulsive to Yanghe’s wine.

Under the vigorous marketing of Yanghe, the blue classic series has naturally become the main product line of Yanghe wine industry, so like the low-priced wine of Yanghe Daqu is not much to manage, for new drinking friends, seeing such a cheap Yanghe wine, and then compared to the high price of the dream series, I have to think, is this wine inferior wine?

In fact, the quality of Yanghe Daqu is not bad, after all, before the blue classic series was not popular, Yanghe won the title of “Chinese famous wine” by relying on it, but now this wine is sold at a low price, the profit is not high, but the quality is not to say, the alcohol content is not high, 42 degrees wine, the wine body is mellow, more soft and delicate, 100% pure grain wine, on the ease of drinking of wine quality, I even think that this wine is better than the blue of the sea, worth tasting.

2, Shuanggou famous glass retro big song

Since the merger of Shuanggou wine with Yanghe, the grade of liquor produced is one grade lower than Yanghe wine, and the most well-known Shuanggou wine may be the Zhenbao Fang series and Su wine series.

And for Shuanggou wine, Shuanggou Daqu actually has many people ignore this good wine, but Shuanggou Daqu also divides several wines, can not be purchased indiscriminately, among which the blue bottle Shuanggou Daqu is the least recommended because it is alcohol blended wine.

And the rest of the double-grooved Daqu excellent, double-groove famous glass, double-groove Daqu celadon, these three are pure grain wine, the most recommended double-groove famous glass.

The price of Shuanggou Famous Glass is not expensive, the price of the activity is generally 50~60, but because of the low price, coupled with the simple packaging, many drinking friends mistakenly think that this wine is cheap wine or inferior alcoholic wine, but in fact, this wine is a solid pure grain wine, compared to the same price of liquor, the taste of Shuanggou Famous Glass is surprisingly good.

This wine has a sweet and mellow style, although the alcohol content is high, but it is not spicy at all, the wine aroma is elegant, and the end is slightly sweet, which is a good choice for the people as a daily ration wine.

3. Divide the Jinting old story wine

Believe it or not, when I saw this wine for the first time, the name was “Old Story Wine”, and the outer packaging was sealed with a layer of brown paper, and the first feeling I felt was like a brand wine provided by a certain distillery, thinking it was some inferior wine.

Later, it was learned that this wine has a great origin, the brand is the first major product of low-end wine in Jiangsu Province, in the Jiangsu traditional wine market, it can form the fifth major force with “three ditches and one river”, and is very famous in Anhui and Zhejiang.

At the same time, the quality of the Jinting old story wine makes me have a memory, very good, it belongs to the typical Jianghuai style of cotton, the taste is soft and mellow, very good mouth, the wine aroma is pure, the wine taste is better than the two pot head, so this wine is also a “not outstanding” conscience wine.

4. High ditch big blue flower

Gaogou wine, is the old Huaiyin famous wine “three ditch and one river” in the name of “one of the hook”, Gaogou wine not only has a long history of winemaking, the production place of Gaogou Town, but also a historical ancient town with a thousand-year history of winemaking, the Song Dynasty poet Lu You, but also once to Gaogou Town brewed Gaogou wine, wrote the praise of “Gaogou famous wine, worthy of the name”.

In the past, the quality of Gaogou wine was good, but now the main focus is basically on the high-end wine brand founded in 1996 – Jinshi Yuan Wine Industry, the most famous product series is the Jinshi Yuan Guoyuan series, which has developed so far, and Jinshi Yuan has also become one of the “China’s top ten cultural famous wines”.

Therefore, the current Gaogou wine, if it is not a local in Jiangsu or a gluttony who often tastes baijiu, the cognition of Gaogou wine is really not high, and those who do not understand think that it is a niche wine in some place, and the fame is really helpless.

The most famous single product under Gaogou wine is the big blue flower and small blue and white series, the popularity is not good but the wine quality is not bad, the traditional Liulang brewing process, the alcohol content is 42 degrees, the wine body texture is elegant and mellow, the bottle design is elegant and retro, the price of 100 pieces is not expensive, and the effect of buying and placing the cabinet is surprisingly good-looking.

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