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It is not uncommon for celebrities to turn airports into catwalks! But every time I see the airport outfit of the female star Dong Xuan, I can’t help but sigh, which is also too fanciful!

41-year-old Dong Xuan has won a lot of praise for her oversize dressing style, and she never plays virtual when she appears at the airport, and often provides fans with very good dressing materials,

Beautiful and practical

, generous and decent.

Dong Xuan has no color restrictions on dressing, such as Morandi color system is gentle, macaron color is young, high saturation color is black, low saturation color is old, etc., all seem to be an empty phrase on her.

The earthy yellow indented down jacket with pure black mopping wide-leg jeans, and the fat and large style to wear the body, not only does not make people feel particularly dirty, but makes her extraordinary

Free and dashing

, the feeling of unrestrained is not to mention how desirable!

While the color did not limit her beauty, the single style also seemed to have a soul in her hands, beige wool lamb jacket with fat and oversized mop suit pants,

Keep warm and look thin

Holding a bag in one hand and putting the other in the pocket, the feeling of strength is not to mention how queen it is! The biggest feature of this way of dressing is to cover the flesh and show thinness and keep warm, and girls who are afraid of cold in winter or have raised autumn fat should hurry up and arrange!

Dong Xuan’s upper body,

It is suitable for a wide range of weights

, 90 pounds of girls can wear, 120-130 pounds of girls can also wear, the most important thing is that the effect of wearing the body is very similar.

However, when Dong Xuan chooses loose items, she will have a degree in her heart, in order to ensure that everyone’s actual wearing effect is consistent with her, it is recommended that you can also apply her selection tips to their own dressing.

First, the loose fabric of Dong Xuan’s upper body must be quite wide and stylish, and she will not choose some particularly soft or some particularly skeleton fabrics.

If you want to find a similar style to her, you can try to start with suit fabrics, small fragrant coats, woolen coats and fur plush jackets, the above coats are worn on the body, guaranteed not to make people think you

Oversize wind

Can’t hold on.

Of course, in addition to the above coats, the color panels like Dong Xuan’s body and the single-piece fabric are also very good choices.

Hooded + fake two + pocket three-dimensional + fabric is structured and stylish, multiple guarantees, it is difficult to make the whole look shapeless and materialless, this style of coat as long as the length of the piece and the color of the piece is selected, closed eyes will not be worn no one will say that you are not in the flow.

The second characteristic of Dong Xuan’s dressing is:


, her style will only appear in two situations, either the upper and lower loose way of dressing, or the upper and lower loose or the upper and lower tight way of dressing, rarely appear the overall tight shape.

It is precisely because of her dressing style that her overall style is distinct and unique, and the 41-year-old can also control the very oversize style of reducing age so hot, which is really a bit bullish.

Silhouette shirt with silhouette denim trousers,

Simple and graceful

, completely concealed body contours and feminine characteristics, did not affect her in the slightest.

For the overall beauty, she chose the dressing method of tight inside and loose outside, the layering effect is warm and layered, the beauty is very good, and the practicality is also very strong. The most important point is that it is very friendly to girls with a slightly chubby body, the inner lining can bind the flesh, and no matter how loose the outer lining is, the whole will not be bloated!

Dong Xuan’s last trick in dressing is to be good at using regular items to wear the effect of reducing age, as far as ordinary items are concerned, there is not much sense of design, but she has it

Age-reducing effect

This can be done mainly by two aspects, first, there are few print designs for single styles, and in order to achieve the effect of reducing age but not greasy, large-area solid color items have become her favorite.

The second feature is that when choosing a single piece, the looseness of the item is never just a coincidence, in order to be similar to the taste of young people, in order to cater to the public’s aesthetic requirements, most of Dong Xuan’s items are very shapeless and very loose and casual.

The looser the fit, the more relaxed the visual effect, the younger the overall effect,

100% age-reducing effect

, tried and tested.

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