Recently, Xiyue Hui, Yuhua District, Changsha, has been overwhelmed with many specialty goods from Africa, especially coffee from Ethiopia and dried chili peppers from Rwanda.

“Africa’s natural conditions such as altitude, sunlight and temperature contribute to the unusual flavor of African coffee, which has great potential in the Chinese market.” The newly opened “Little Coffee Owner” African Coffee Theme Pavilion brought freshly ground coffee carts to the event site for the first time. The roasting coffee beans make a “rustling” sound, and the rich aroma comes to the face… Many coffee “enthusiasts” taste while tasting: compared to other coffees, African coffee has a mellow taste and even a variety of floral aromas, bringing people a wonderful enjoyment.

Jing Jianhua, its person in charge, said that following the pace of the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, more customers learned about African coffee and fell in love with African coffee. While meeting the market demand, it also brings employment and income to the locals, which makes more than 20 coffee traders, producers and brand owners like him who came out of the “African Coffee Street” in Takahashi Market more confident and confident in developing the coffee business.

When Hunan people who eat chili peppers as a dish meet African dried chili peppers, will they show the confidence of “not afraid of spicy”, “not afraid of spicy” and “afraid of not spicy”? “It’s really so spicy, my tongue is going to be knotted!” At the scene, many citizens who visited the exhibition couldn’t help but taste a bite of African Rwandan dried chili, and couldn’t help shouting “worthy of the name”.

This year, under the key promotion of Hunan Province, Rwandan dried chili peppers were approved to enter, Gaoqiao Market directly picked dried chili peppers from Rwanda, and led market merchants to cooperate with domestic production enterprises to put African dried chili peppers into the research and development, production, marketing and promotion of chili paste, online and offline sales, so that Rwandan chili peppers not only have a unique “Xiang” taste, but also quickly enter the people’s table.

“This event can be regarded as the only sub-exhibition point of the second China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo – Yuhua Gaoqiao Block, so that citizens can ‘shop’ all over Africa at their doorstep.” You can also go to the Takahashi Branch Pavilion, where African non-resource products such as coffee, nuts, sesame, peppers, and seafood, as well as African specialty products such as skin care products, gemstones, handicrafts, and red wine, are available. The relevant person in charge of the event also introduced that during the National Day, the one-stop tour and shopping of Africa’s Takahashi branch pavilion will not close, and the full enthusiasm and excitement from Africa can be experienced here.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Li Qionghao and correspondent Dong Yuanjun

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