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This winter, the four-piece gift box became popular on the Internet, with nearly 400 million views on related topics, and once appeared on the hot list of short video platforms. On November 24, many flower shops, chestnut shops and dessert shops in Zhengzhou can see the four-piece gift box in winter. This gift box with huge traffic has created a trend this winter, and its idea came from two college students. Half a month ago, they didn’t expect that a small idea could bring about 600,000 yuan in turnover in 10 days, and the skyrocketing orders overwhelmed them.

In the winter, the four-piece gift box exploded, and their store generated a turnover of 600,000 yuan in 10 days

Hot roasted sweet potatoes, fragrant sugar-fried chestnuts, sweet rock sugar gourd, and warm milk tea are indispensable delicacy every winter. This winter, they were put into the same box and “debuted”, which is called the “four-piece set of winter”. Coupled with the embellishment of flowers and colorful lights, it was crowned with a romantic meaning, and the four-piece set quickly exploded on the Internet. Han Jingli, a fifth-year medical student, and his friend Du Zeyu, who just graduated this year, as the original creators of the four-piece gift box for the winter, ushered in unexpected harvests.

Opening the commonly used short video software, the reporter saw that up to now, there are more than 20,000 videos under the topic of “winter four-piece” topic, with nearly 400 million views, and the playback volume of similar topics such as “winter four-piece set” and “winter four-piece set” ranges from several million to 200 million. Many people posted square, round, heart-shaped gift boxes, and accompanied by “have you received a four-piece set full of ceremony”, “winter warmth and surprise, to give to loved ones” and other emotional copywriting, the flowers in the gift box are clustered with sweet food, and the shimmering lights add a layer of beautiful atmosphere.

The power of the Internet is truly powerful. On November 13, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu saw from their mobile phones that the number of orders for their four-piece gift boxes for winter soared, breaking 1,000 on the 14th, until the 24th, in just 10 days, Han Jingli and his friend’s store has harvested about 600,000 yuan in turnover by gift boxes.

Han Jingli told reporters: “We are the original of the ‘winter four-piece’ gift box, and after this gift box became popular on the Internet, more and more merchants in Zhengzhou began to sell the same gift box.” ”

After the explosion of orders, the supply chain is urgently dredged, and entrepreneurship is “pushed away”

Small ideas inspire large traffic, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu created a four-piece gift box in and out of winter, but they did not expect to be so popular on the Internet. From the 13th, the large increase in orders kept them busy. In order to deliver the gift boxes to customers in time, the two little girls worked in the store all day, constantly making gift boxes, sorting out order information, arranging delivery, and calling their families over to help.

Han Jingli said: “When there are many orders, the mobile phone phone keeps ringing, sometimes 5 calls come at the same time, and there are too many WeChat messages to reply. “Some people may want to give birthday gifts, some people may want to meet to send surprises, customers of the four-piece gift box in the winter have special time requirements, in this regard, Han Jingli expressed understanding, gift box products do not allow time delay.

The amount of thousands of orders a day has brought great operational pressure to Han Jingli and Du Zeyu. They must not only ensure that the gift box reserves can meet the order demand, but also ensure the freshness of flowers and ingredients, and cannot make gift boxes too early.

In order to solve these problems, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu put a lot of thought into it. They hire someone to make a gift box, and the flower mud at the bottom of the gift box can keep the flowers fresh, and the clerk arranges the flowers one day in advance, and puts the food into the gift box to be delivered the next day. In order to ensure the freshness of the food, they contacted the merchants they cooperated with baked sweet potatoes, milk tea and other businesses to deliver them in batches, delivered every hour or two, and placed incubators in the store.

In this way, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu completed the docking with all parties in one phone call and one message after another. “When we were busiest, neither of us had time to go to the toilet, we only slept two hours a day, and we were all about to hallucinate,” Han Jingli lamented. ”

Taste the sweetness of entrepreneurship to get a small profit, and have begun to plan the next product

Han Jingli and Du Zeyu’s small shop has only been open for a month, located in the Zhengdong Flower Market, is a handmade workshop integrating flowers, hand-painted and clay sculptures. Han Jingli said that the four-piece gift box in winter was the idea of his friend Du Zeyu, because Du Zeyu felt that these warm and sweet foods were very suitable for winter, and this winter is particularly cold and needs warm things. After planning the four-piece product in and out of winter, they joined the group buying activity of a platform by chance, and they have achieved their current results after the explosion.

On the 24th, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu were already handy in handling store affairs, and in just a few days, they sorted out the remaining problems. In order to store flowers, gift boxes and other raw materials, they also rented another space. Now, the situation in the store has stabilized, with an average of more than 100 orders per day, which is completely coping.

These days, the four-piece gift box created by Han Jingli and Du Zeyu has caused many merchants to imitate in Zhengzhou. Seeing other merchants selling similar gift boxes, Han Jingli didn’t mind: “Because we can’t digest too many orders.” ”

Sometimes, Han Jingli calmed down and wondered if they were doing a loss-making business. The cost of making a gift box is not low, large and thick gift boxes, gift bags cost more than a dozen yuan, milk tea, roasted sweet potatoes are basically six or seven yuan each, sugar fried hawthorn balls, sugar fried chestnuts are more than a dozen dollars each, plus flowers, lanterns, flower mud, store staff, distribution costs, store rent, the price of 99 yuan gift box profit is small. However, looking at the existing entrepreneurial achievements, Han Jingli felt that their practice was worth it.

Looking back on the experience of nearly half a month, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu are still a little proud, although the busiest days are like a war, but more or less in exchange for some achievements. Thinking that the four-piece set in winter may only sell well at the moment, Han Jingli and Du Zeyu have already begun to plan the next product and continue to explore the future path. The roasted sweet potatoes in the gift box were steaming, and Han Jingli and Du Zeyu’s entrepreneurial hearts were also as hot as roasted sweet potatoes.

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