Photo walls can record the growth of your family, and if hung crookedly, it is disrespectful to yourself and your family, and it also seriously affects the decoration effect. There are construction steps to hang the photo wall, and it must be firm and correct after hanging. The following Xiaobian takes you to understand how to hang the photo wall.

First, how to hang the photo wall

1. First, the photo or picture is loaded into a blank frame, and the frame with the picture or photo is ready.

2. Use I-nails to fix the drawing template on the wall, and after the position is fixed, it can be glued with transparent glue to avoid shifting. Pay attention to the drawings must be horizontal, not tilted, the drawings should be flattened and pressed to the wall as much as possible, do not wrinkle and arch.

3. Nail the plastic hook to the wall according to the circle above the template, and do not let the drawing loosen or shift when hammering the hook.

4. After fixing the hook, carefully tear the drawing, try not to damage, without the drawing you don’t know where to hang what specification of the frame, whether it is horizontal or vertical. Lay the drawing on the floor to know which frame hangs where.

5. After hanging the frame, look at what pictures and photos are placed, and make appropriate adjustments with your personality and taste, harmony and unity are the key.

6. After determining the position of the picture and the photo frame, then use the level to check whether the placement position of each photo frame is level with the ground, and if there is something that is not horizontal, it can be adjusted appropriately.

Second, photo wall design precautions

1. Wall size, knowing the size can be constructed in combination, the largest few inches of a few inches of the smallest use, for a distance between 5 cm, the best frame, combined shape is rectangular, square, or nearly diamond-shaped, cluttered visual impact. It’s entirely a personal preference.

2. The color of the wall, generally white wall, color combination frame does not exceed often with black, white, brown three, if the children’s room, can at the same time, in the color of spotlights, on the wall and dark frames, such as black, brown, mahogany, walnut color, is recommended.

3, family situation, frame wall can put some concept image, landscape, characters, flowers, etc., but also put yourself and family photos, travel photos, of course love, children’s experience, beauty of the development process of things If it is the former, it is recommended to put it in a more free, messy, comfortable to the hand, slightly larger frame, the smallest 10 inches, with a blank piece of paper, if the family photo, can also be a random or rectangular.

4. Placement, generally on the wall next to the stairs in front, the sofa background wall, the background wall of the dining room, the study room, the background wall of the bedroom or the background wall of the corridor.

5. Consider whether it is a home or some business places, the design style must be different, the family is aimed at their own family, the business place is aimed at consumption or experience people, so how to design a photo wall on a wall, depends on the combination structure of the entire space, where in the entire space, what is the area ratio.