Forklifts are used more in industry, which provides great convenience for industrial manufacturing. However, it is inevitable that there will be some collisions in the operation of the forklift, which will not only damage the vehicle, but also damage the collided shelves and items. So the shelf collision angle is still very useful for the collision, let’s learn about some knowledge related to the shelf collision angle!

After the storage shelf is installed, the most important work is to do a good job of rack collision prevention. Storage racks, especially storage shelves for forklift pickup, if the forklift hits the shelf during operation, it will damage the shelf parts and reduce the service life of the shelf. Heavy causes the shelf to collapse and the goods to fall to the ground, because the storage shelf itself is to carry the goods, especially if the heavy shelf or the high shelf is full of goods, if it is hit, it is likely to occur the terrible domino effect, resulting in the collapse of the entire warehouse shelf and the fall of the goods.

In China, about 3 million forklifts have a large number of vicious accidents such as scratching, collision, and collision caused by blind spots, fatigue, overspeed, and steering, resulting in serious consequences such as production line stoppage and a large amount of compensation, so the shelves, forklifts, wall corners, etc. in the warehouse are all good for house collision measures.

The installation of rack anti-collision angle is very necessary, and the all-round shelf anti-collision system improves the safety of personnel and equipment, effectively protects employees, equipment and buildings, and can greatly reduce follow-up maintenance costs and improve the profit level of users. Therefore, users must pay attention to the collision prevention of storage shelves in the process of using storage shelves, and must not be taken lightly.

Anti-collision measures can be done from the following aspects:

1. Add anti-collision equipment. When designing storage shelves, shelf manufacturers should add anti-collision spare parts to the design according to specific conditions. Such as anti-collision guardrails, corner guards, guardrails, etc

2. In terms of color, in order to play a warning role, these anti-collision accessories generally use yellow, yellow and black, red and white and other bright colors. Some of these anti-collision accessories can.

3. Effectively prevent the forklift from directly hitting the shelf when the operation is wrong, and some can absorb and resolve the impact energy well when it hits, reducing the damage to the shelf.

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